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I am Acharya Hariharan – Astrologer by profession and I am living in chennai since by birth. I am the only son to my parents. I did my MA in Economics in 1995 With Madras University. My Forefathers were court astrologers in the PALACE of KING of Travancore three generations back. Intuition was a natural instinct and i pursued it with passion. With the blessings of my forefathers and motivation of my father who is my spiritual guru, I enhanced my skills in PARASARA SYSTEM OF Vedic astrology-learnt with passion and devotion. I am having 18 Experience in astrology field. My father himself is a palm reader and Vasthu expert. I learnt KP ASTROLOGY from Mr. K. Subramanian -in Chennai -Who is Son of LATE PROFESSOR K.S KRISHNAMURTHI- KP SYSTEM FOUNDER Of astrology. My interest in Astrology came to me during 1998-when I was about to attend an interview in PONDICHERY –where the company was located. One day-I got a DREAM at night that I am being killed in a major mishap that was happening in that company and that company was sealed. There was some fraud activities going in that company and with the blessings of almighty-I was able to VISUALISE. Then after I decided not to attend the interview at Pondicherry and my DREAM came true and I got the NEWS that the company was sealed with police raided. After this incident, I developed interest in astrology and pursued the same as my CAREER. I begin to give horoscope predictions seeing charts through blessings of my forefathers out of my own efforts. I started practice and guided people with my consultations via email, through phone and Skype consultations and walk in consultations to my place. I had work experience as Astrologer in Chennai from Sep 2010 to July 2018. I deal with Horoscope predictions through Vedic astrology approach, KP system of Astrology, Prasanam Astrology-KP System Approach, Numerology(Name fixing for babies and companies), Face reading, Marriage matching-compatibility of male and female charts in detail, Fixing Muhurthas for Marriage, Grahaprevasam, child naming etc. I deal with solve problems related to career, finance, love problems through counseling, health and business. Intuition is my main strength and through this- I am able to give useful insights to customers and this is only a blessing for me. I am pleased to share that i have deal with more then 20,000 clients in my astrology career. I give simple remedies and mantras. With the blessings of almighty, I give more confidence to customers who are in state of trouble and make them happy. Location = Chennai

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