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Acharya Dr. Nataraj, Ph.D is a highly qualified certified Astrologer, having 23 year experiences in Astrology predictions. He studied B.A., & M.A. Astrology from Sastra University, Thanjavur. And also he got first class in M.Sc., Applied Astrology in Karpagam university. He also finished his Ph.D. Degree in Astrology (Full Time Basis) through Karpagam University, Coimbatore. He is the first Ph.D.Scholor, who came out with full elegibility (This was published in the Hindu newspaper, tamil edition on 14th dec.2014). He also having teaching experiences more than 11 years in Astrological subjects from various universities like Karpagam university, Coimbatore and Annamalai universtiy, chidambaram. ) He wrote the exam and having ‘Jyotish Praveena’ certificate from ICAS,(Indian Council Astrological Sciences), And Some private Astrology Cource Certificates like Kadalangudi “Diploma in Hindu Astrology” at Chennai . He wrote a lot of Tamil articles through the Tamil Astrological Public Magazenes. And Published relevant necessity articles in the seminors which was held in tamil nadu universities and other country like University Malaya in Malesia. He was honoured several astrogical conferences and meetings. Particularly he was honoured by giving the awards as “External examiner to conduct the ‘public viva voce examination’ for Ph.D.Degree” in the Vels Univrsity.chennai, on 23-02-2017. Having exprienced in prepare question paper settings and paper valuations in astrology examinations from various universities like Annamalai and S.R.M. Universities. Now he is working as Visiting Professor in Bharath University, Chennai. Eight M.Phil scholors cameout under his guidances and three Ph.D scholors going to finish their Ph.D under his guidances. Hence public who interested in astrology doubts or predictions can consult him . He assured any person who confused or eager to know about their future planetary positions can consult him & can get satisfaction. With the help of my teaching experiences in astrological knowledge I can predict easier within the limited time. For marriage matching I am using simple formula in short time. Experience = 23 years experiences in predicting astrology to the public. And 11years experiences in teaching various astrological subjects from diploma to M.Phil/Ph.D classes in Karpagam univrsity and Bharath university, Chennai Expertise : Working as Guide and visiting professor in Bharath university to the Ph.D / M.Phil students. Expertise in Birugu Nandhi Nadi Astrology, prassanam and traditional astrology. Achievements : Wrote lot of astrological articles in public magazine like “Jothida Arasu “and published articles in university conferences. And attended astrological conferences in Maleiya tamil university in Maleisya and published articels. Location = Tamil Nadu.

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  • arnav
    October 28, 2020

    Very good astrologer and very experienced senior guidance master, very knowledgeable. மிகச் சிறந்த மூத்த நிபுணர் ஜோதிடர், மிகவும் அறிவுள்ளவர்.

  • Aditya
    February 14, 2021

  • vishnu
    March 13, 2021

    Sir is excellent. He is extremely knowledgeable and we'll versed. I will recommend sir very highly.

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