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Astrologer Kriti and her Astrological Journey Astrology is an arena which most of us believe explicitly or secretly. The effect of cosmic energy upon us is something one cannot deny completely. Our ancestors have made manuscripts and developed a huge library of vedic wisdom. These books reflect the interconnection between the stars and humanity and how it influences one's life. Does it look like magic or illusion? Well, people believe this with different perspectives but the energy flow and its impact on us is unquestionable even in this modern era. From ancient times great scholars have mastered the science of calculation to make predictions and help humanity to make a better next step. This avoided chaos and conflicts which would have brought huge aftermath up to certain extents . Our great rulers had their own astrologers and scholars at their court to make predictions and also help the king make a better decision. This practice grew along with humanity and still has its own importance. The methods of calculation and the information regarding vedic astrology have made progress with the intervention of great scholars and their researches. Now it is a huge field of science that has endless possibilities to make betterment in human life. The woman power in astrology. As the world improves and moves forward, women started contributing into this field as well. This has gifted us with many good woman astrologers. One among them and the leading astrologer is Kriti gupta Astrologer Kriti is one of the best vedic astrologers of our time. She has over 15 years of experience. She is passionate about the vedic astrology and uses this unique science to help people to find the right path for their journey. She also motivates people to get deeper into astrology and has guided many aspirants. In her career with her immense knowledge and talent she got the opportunity to go through over 10,000s of horoscopes. She shares her experience in this field to be a journey with roses and thorns. Astrologer Kriti Gupta has encountered numerous horoscopes that challenged her ability and also have seen many auspicious charts. The passage of her life through astrology itself is a great asset to the astrological knowledge. “ An astrologer is a fortune teller but not a fortune giver.” - Says Astrologer Kriti Gupta Astrologer Kirti finds immense pleasure in rendering solutions and helping hands to people who struggle in life. Her clients are assured with satisfactory solutions and all have attained their happiness in life. She has expanded her horizon from vedic astrology to Nadi astrology, prashna kundali and prediction. She also have a strong grip on astrology to make readings regarding ones crucial issues in life including love marriage, relationship, job business, studies, decisions concerning foreign settlement, solutions for matters related children, legal cases and more Even though she has reached the top level in this field she still continues to learn more and spend hours in reading new information.Currently she is interested in doing more research works to add on wisdom to this field and help people reach their solutions in a much easier and better way. At present astrologer kirti is working on vedic astrology and krishnamurthy method which enables fortune telling of new born babies. “ज्योतिषी भाग्य का ज्ञाता होता है भाग्य विधाता नही में कीर्ति गुप्ता ईश्वर की कृपा से ही ज्योतिष की सेवा कर रही हु। इसके लिए में अपने इष्ट, माता,पिता,और गुरुजी को धन्यवाद देती हूं।” According to Astrologer Kriti Gupta one should believe in astrology as a way to find a better solution to their problem but not as the final place to make changes in his fate. Astrologer Kriti Gupta continues to inspire lots of people with her predictions and reading and she is thankful to her parents and guruji for bringing light to her passion. She is grateful to the almighty for making her vision for humanity come true. ज्योतिषी भाग्य का ज्ञाता होता है भाग्य विधाता नही, में कीर्ति गुप्ता ईश्वर की कृपा से ही ज्योतिष की सेवा कर रही हु। इसके लिए में अपने इष्ट, माता,पिता,ओर गुरुजी को धन्यवाद देती हूं। मेरा उदेश्य लोगो को सही मार्गदर्शन देना। पिछले 15 वर्ष में मेने करीब 10,000 से अधिक कुण्डलिया देखी। कुंडली मे बहुत खतरनाक ओर अच्छे योग भी देखे। और लोगो के प्रश्नों के उत्तर दिये। मुझे अधिक खुशी जब होती है जब में लोगो को उपाय बताती हु ओर उनको सफलता मिलती है। अब मेरी इच्छा ज्योतिष में रिसर्च करके कुछ नया खोजने की है। जिससे सभी को लाभ मिल सके। में अधिकतर कुंडली वैदिक ओर कृष्णमूर्ति पद्धति से देखती है।

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