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I am an Intuitive Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Angelic Healer and Spell Caster following Wiccan Magic with 2 years of experience. I have guided and helped numerous clients within the country and internationally to get the accurate answers to their issues/questions related to different stages of their their life. Relationships/Marriage, Career, Health (Physical and Mental), clearing blockages and overall well being. Whatever, it is that you need guidance on, I can help you with. Meditations, chanting vedic mantras and attunement with angels, I have been doing to connect the higher self and the divine. I perform the practices of Law of Universe and Law of Attraction also to guide my clients. During my readings I set myself in sink with the universe and the supreme deities along with angels to get the answers and the insights needed. Guidance, messages from me will be the calling of the universe and the direction from the supreme. Thank you.

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  • arnav
    November 13, 2020

    Shivanshuu good reader

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