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Pramod Malpani is a Vedic Astrologer knowing nakshatra Nadi, KP, Lal Kitab, Chaldean numerology, Loshugrid Numerology. He is one of our highly experienced astrologers, an expert in this field with more than 17 years of experience. He has proven his knowledge with highly accurate predictions and solutions suggested. He strongly believes in the strengths of cosmic energy on life existing on earth. Astro Pramod’s faith in astrology has helped many people find peace from their struggling life. From ancient times humans have found solace in cosmic effects and strength. Before seeking help from astrology, One must know the various channels available to choose the appropriate path for them. There are many genres in astrology. One of the important wings is Numerology. It is the method of using numbers and their effect to predict one's future and find a solution for any issues. Chaldean numerology, Lo Shu Grid numerology is the most two important tools used in numerological calculations. Chaldean works with the vibrations of numbers and their sounds by following octal number rules. wherein lo shu grid is a method with a 3x3 square grid. Pramod Malpani has expertise in both these methods. Another wing he has experience is the Nadi astrology in which it is believed that the past, present, and future of a human is predicted and pre-written on a palm leaf by the sages during ancient times. Along with Numerology, KP astrology, and Nadi, Pramod malpani has profound knowledge in Lal Kitab numerology as well. With his great experience, one can rely on him for the best remedies through any one of the mediums he is well versed in. Astro Pramod Malpani gives his predictions in Hindi and is available throughout the day.

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    November 26, 2020


  • Abhishek
    February 14, 2021

    Perfect prediction...Tq sir

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