Siddhi Puja Rituals

Karya & Sarva Siddhi Puja

What is Siddhi Puja?

Siddhi Puja is performing or worshipping the God/Goddess with the thought of fulfilment of one’s wishes and desires. As humans, people have desires in life they feel can be fulfilled with the blessings of the Almighty. In the Hindu religion, immense importance is given to worshipping deities with complete rituals. As per Vedic texts, Manokaamna Siddhi Puja can be performed under the guidance of an expert. We have a team of expert pundits who can help the clients perform the required Siddhi Puja.

·       Karya Siddhi Puja:

This Puja is performed to offer reverence to Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Parvati, and Goddess Durga. The meaning of Karya is work and Siddhi is the achievement of the desire.

Importance of the Puja:

It is a great ritual that is performed to overall success and prosperity in life. Financial hurdles and emotional upheaval in life can be handled by performing the ritual. The Puja helps in the achievement of positivity around the surrounding and maintains good health.

·       Sarva Siddhi Puja:

It is a beneficial Puja ritual for the worshipper. The deities worshipped in this ritual Puja are Goddess Laxmi, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Durga, Goddess Parvati, Lord Vishnu, Lord Kuber, Navgrah, Maha Sudarshan, Lord Surya, and Maa Bhuvaneshwari.

Importance of the Puja:

It helps in the all-round development of the worshipper. The ritual helps the person to get rid of negative thoughts. The negative impact of the planets is reduced. The person feels confident.

How to do Siddh Puja ritual at home?

Vedic Guruji experts are adept in guiding the natives to perform the Puja is an apt manner.

·       Kalash Sthapana

·       Panchang Sthapana

·       Shetrapal Pujan

·       Swasti vachan

·       Sankalp

·       Worshipping Lord Ganesha

·       Navgrah Puja

·       Invocation of the Gods and Goddesses in the Kalash

·       Puja of Laxmi-Ganesh yantra and idol

·       Abhishek and puja of Saraswati idol and yantra

·       As per Vedic texts, the expert will complete the Puja with Mantra Jaap, aarti, and pushpanjali.

The Puja is also performed as per the birth chart of the worshipper. The expert from Vedic Guruji will provide the worshipper with the complete details of the Puja, its viddhi, and samagri required for the performance.