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Acharya Samir Bhatt is a renowned vedic astrologer in India from Gujarat. He is a Gold medalist in Jyotish Sastracharya and is an asset to astrological science. With his expertise he has gained 27 years of experience in vedic astrology. Acharya Samir Bhatt completed his degree in B.Sc Chemistry from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University; but with his immense passion towards Vedic Astrology he pursued his career in this arena. According to astrological course study, Jyotish shastracharya is considered as the final step to become the best astrologer in india. Completing this stage enables an best astrologer in india to make weather forecasts and even predictions about the World events. As a gold medal winner in Jyotish shastracharya, he has been reached by many from all over the world. He is a renowned vedic best astrologer in India and makes accurate predictions through the vedic astrology system. The solutions he offers are simple but very effective so that anyone can get rid of their struggles faster with ease. With his profound knowledge in vedic astrology thrived him to move forward with other genres of predictions. One of which is Palmistry. It is a science of analyzing the lines and markings on one's palm and predicting their nature or behavior and future. It is believed that the criss cross line on a human palm is a unique marking which has hidden truth about one's character and future activities. Reading the palm and analyzing the facts are indeed a task of a great scholar. Astrologer Samir Bhatt is an expert palmist and has made many predictions that helped people understand about their future in a better way and make necessary steps to a successful life. This field of astrological science can be implemented on anyone who do not have a birth chart prepared as well. Hence anyone can approach him to find a solution to their struggle. In the years of his career he has seen many horoscopes and helped people find remedies for their issues in life concerning marriage , career choice, financial stability, educational choice and many more. Apart from the KP system in vedic astrology since he is a expert in vedic, nadi, astrology, palmistry, his client base is vast. He gives predictions that are reliable and solutions that are satisfactory to all. Along with vedic astrology as he is an expert in palmistry as well, makes him the renowned vedic best astrologer in india. He is happy to serve people in distress and feels great happiness in solving the miseries one face in life. With his deep rooted passion in this field he strives to make himself better each day. This proves his worth and significance to the community of vedic best astrologers in India and world wide as well. Astrologer Samir Bhatt is available for online consultation and gives predictions through our platform. Anyone can seek guidance from him by making a call through website & app. He gives predictions in Gujarati as well as in Hindi. One can approach him during Morning 9 am -11 am Evening 3 pm - 6pm Night 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm according to indian standard time.

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  • Hemanth
    May 2, 2021

    Yes better way of explanation ,gud approach

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    May 3, 2021

    Great explanation.

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