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Acharya Neelam Singh Ji an established, experienced, and renowned numerologist, Gurumaa Neelam Singh Ji has a rich experience of 30 years in the related field. In her vast span of professional life, she has served both international and national clients with 100% client satisfaction. She has achieved pioneer in the field of Numerology and given satisfactory answers to the queries of her esteemed clients that have greatly benefited them in both personal and professional lives. The Delhi-based expert completed her studies at the University of Delhi. Taking a glimpse about her childhood days is an important element in her journey to the achievement of her present status. She had visited Shirdi with her parents in the tender of 9 and lost her way amidst the crowded streets of the Holy City. But Sai Baba has other plans for her. He gave her a vision and showered His blessings on her, consequently reuniting her with her parents. This incident left a deep impact on her mind and soul. She dedicated herself to Baba and became her devotee. Sai Baba always blesses his devotees with immense love and care. She has been blessed by Baba and her study about numbers has made her popular amongst her clients. The extraordinary combination of Name, Date of Birth, and Numbers can reveal the personality traits of an individual. It can also provide personal and professional predictions for people and help them improve their current lifestyle to a better one loaded with promising future guidance. Numerology is a branch of number science that has the power to change the fortune of an individual with correct and accurate guidance. Smt. Neelam Singh Ji has diversified and achieved the best understanding about gems to provide a combined solution towards happy living. She has emerged as an ace Gemologist, Healer, Spiritual Guide, and remedy solution provider. Her understanding of numbers is immense and uses Hindi as her primary medium of communication with her clients. She has an excellent understanding of English and can easily understand the queries of her international clients. Astrology, Numerology, and Gemstones can provide unique life solutions for grave problems and situations in life. Location = Hari Nagar New Delhi

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