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Acharya Ranju is an Astro-Nnumerologist and a vastu consultant, also a life coach and cousellor to her clients. I have clients all over the globe (US,Dubai, UK, Singapore, Canada and all parts of India). My clients are satisfied with my reading and are in constant touch with me.I try to bring stability in the lives of the people and give them clarity regarding their lives.You can contact me regarding marriage,career,business,love and relationship,wealth,health and much more.The remedies given by me are very easy to follow for a layman. Time Availability = 11 am to 8 pm Sunday off. Experience = 6 years. Expertise = Numerology, Name numerology, Astrology, Mahavastu consultant, Life Coach, Counsellor. Location = New Delhi

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    September 27, 2020


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