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Deep conceptual and practical knowledge has been a guiding force for Astrologer Varun Singh ji in giving forecasts that has achieved unparalleled success worldwide. Being Astrologer well-established master of the Indian system of Astrology, he is constantly in demand by clients all over the world. Based on the various accurate predictions and forecasts made by him over the years, he has been successful in establishing a strong hold in vedic astrology. The remedies and parikarams suggested by him are simple, effective and very easy to follow. While predicting he also highlights the period to be taken care of health and for money investments which helps to plan future steps. More than thousands of clients have taken advantage of the Astrological Consultations which includes Politicians, Actors, Directors, Producers, Anti-Corruption Officers, IT Professionals, Bank Officers and Businessman from around the globe. He has a repeat clientele of 99.9%. Location = Janak Puri New Delhi

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    December 17, 2020

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