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I am born and brought up in New Delhi. I am associated with astrology, vastu and palmistry for more than 20 years. I had studied and practiced astrology under the guidance of Sh. K. N. Raoji, a great astrologer in the present times. Words cannot express my gratitude for Sh. K.N. Raoji, my guru and idol. During the journey of life, I travelled many temples, jyotirlings and dhams across India. I met many acharyas, gurus and pundits during my college days, when I was travelling across India. This yatra was started from Pashupatinath temple of Nepal and ended at Rameshwaran temple in Tamilnadu. I think it was God’s wish to push me on the path of spirituality in my early days of life. I did my post graduation (M.Sc.) from Delhi University. I am giving my astrological, vastu and palmistry services in India and aboard. It has been two decades; I am practicing astrology, vastushastra and palmistry. I am basically a learner. So during the passage of time I am gaining and learning new things even from the life of persons who came across with me. The prime purpose of my entire life has become to help persons in grief and sorrow.

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