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Certified Intuitive Tarot Master and Numerologist My clairvoyant style of tarot reading is one of its kind. I have the intuitive powers which help me act as a medium between the Divine and my clients? Offering accurate readings and guiding right is my motto? Tarot provides us with the means to select options and solutions on various issues such as relationships, finances, business matters, jobs, health including all the trials and troubles that we put ourselves through in this journey of life. The cards speak about our general direction and the ways in which a difficult path can be made smoother. Tarot predictions are therefore more comprehensive and complete in comparison with any other occult art. Numerology helps to find the missing parts in our lives. Our strengths and weaknesses and how we can work on them to enhance the quality of the focus areas of our life. #Tarot Cards Live Readings by Vaisshali Chauhan

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  • Preeti Kinker
    December 18, 2020

    Mam it was a great session.... U r so accurate. .... Thank uh so much .....

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