Gemstone Ruby

Gemstone Ruby

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Wear or convey Ruby to conquer weariness and laziness. It animates flow and intensifies vitality and imperativeness to the entire framework. Be that as it may, the individuals who are exceedingly touchy or peevish may locate this stone over-animating or awkward to wear. Ruby has been known to quiet hyperactivity in certain people.



Ruby माणिक Manik Gemstone 

Planet : Sun (सूर्य)

Ruby माणिक Manik Gemstone 

Top Benefits of Ruby (Manik) Gemstone
Ruby, also known as Manik in the Hindi language, is a gemstone of the planet Sun. As per the ancient Indian astrology science, Ruby gemstone is regulated by the Sun and it can be used to make the Sun strong in one’s horoscope. Sun is the most powerful and ultimate source of energy in our solar system and its power can be directed to an individual using the Ruby gemstone.
Before wearing a Ruby gemstone, it is very important to consult a proclaimed astrologer as if the Sun is placed negatively in one’s horoscope, it can also have a reverse impact. Our renowned astrologer, Shri Varun Singh Ji will help you select the best gemstone as per your horoscope.

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Color of Ruby Gemstone
Ruby has a red shade with a purple color. The premium quality of ruby has a delicate rose color. The celestial color of Ruby is Pink / Red, the element is Fire and it is a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide).

Since ancient times, Ruby was worn by monarchs and royal born as a mark of power and luxury. In the present day context, an individual with a positive Sun position in the horoscope wears a natural ruby to achieve majestic status and lavishness in life.

Ruby gemstone Uses in astrology science
Ruby is considered a lucky gem for those entire persons whose horoscope are ruled by the Sun. Ruby bestows maximum benefits on them. It gives them courage, ability to differentiate between good and bad, and power to earn.

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Some of the other powerful benefits of Ruby gemstones are as follows:
– Ruby is the bearer of the Sun. The Sun signifies life, eagerness, self-assurance, vigor, fervor, cheerfulness, and joy. After wearing a Ruby gemstone, one can feel tremendous changes in their life. It is known to promote professional growth, career growth and increase leadership skill of the person who wears it. It also helps a person to fight against the evil spirit, ghoul, and negative energies around them.
– Ruby gemstone ring will also help to achieve unparalleled success, name, fame and popularity in one’s life. Once a person wears it, it will generate a new wave of energy and inner power in their life. It helps to increase creativity and self-confidence in the wearer’s life by leaps and bounds.
– It will also help to remove fear and sadness from a person’s life. It helps to boost self confidence and passion.
– Success will rapidly come to a person who is in the field of medicine, technology, politics and engineering.
–  It enhances financial stability and improves recognition in society. It also helps to cure bone related diseases and other health ailments.


Thus, to know more about Ruby as a gemstone or on any other stone, you can directly contact us. We at Vedicguruji are a team of expert and distinguished astrologers who have been providing astrological solutions to various individuals for the last many years.


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