Coral Moonga Precious Gemstone

Coral Moonga/Praval Gemstone benefits

Coral Moonga/Praval Gemstone benefits

Coral Moonga/Praval Gemstone benefits

Coral Gemstone (Moonga/Praval)

Coral Moonga/Praval Gemstone benefits The Coral gemstone also known as Moonga or Praval is made out of magnesium calcium carbonate and is a natural gemstone simply like a pearl stone. This astonishing gemstone is picked up from remote ocean water and develops on plants known as reefs. This red coral gemstone is very delicate in nature with a hardness or inflexibility of around 3.5 on the Mohs scale. Sadly, because of expanding population and an Earth-wide temperature boost, the reefs of red coral are kicking the bucket that may result to finish exhaustion of this stone in future.

According to astrology, it is said that red coral gemstone turns away all the malefic occasions that are being caused because of the malefic mars. This gemstone is said to be ideal for an individual who has Manglik Dosh or not getting hitched because of different obstacles throughout everyday life. This gemstone is additionally great for the people who have high anger issues.

Benefits of Red Coral:

Wearing the red coral gemstone can give gigantic advantages. It does not just help the wearer in conquering his foes yet, in addition, favours the individual in different adversaries. As Mars is a divine force of warfare, comparably this gemstone gives the required eagerness and fortitude required by the person to surmount the deterrents.

Gemstone – Ruby – Manik – (माणिक)

  • Increase Victory over Evil Forces:

Wearing coral enables the wearer to battle against malevolent and wicked forces winning in one’s condition, for example asuri shakti, black magic or any adversaries.

  • Helps to Focus mind :

Coral helps to increase one’s memory and expands the individual’s concentration level.

  • Fights Blood-related Diseases:

Coral additionally helps fix destructive blood contaminations, for example frailty, leukaemia and also fights blood cancer.

  • Promotes happiness among family members:

People exacted with Manglik dosha, generally experience the ill effects of irritating family existence with regular disputes and quarrels . Hence, wearing red-coloured coral, helps settle the family inconveniences and reinforce the familial power of profound love, concern and care

  • Overcomes laziness:

Coral additionally enables an individual to conquer sluggish mind and fretfulness, subsequently, stay fresh and dynamic consistently by wearing coral.

In spite of the fact that coral gives unlimited advantages, however, one must consult a gemstone expert before wearing coral since the expert can advise you to wear coral with some other metal to enhance its power.

How to wear coral?

Red coral stones are delicate and brittle that is the reason additional consideration ought to be taken while wearing this gemstone.

  • Purchase red coral stone just from an authentic gem store and the stone ought to be of good quality since wearing a low-quality gemstone won’t give any positive outcomes to the wearer.
  • Put on the ring on red fabric and before you wear the ring, burn five incense sticks and round it 5 times around the ring. Now, recite the mantra om aum angaarkaay namah for 108 times.
  • One can wear the coral ring on the third finger of the hand and make sure to clean it regularly for receiving the best advantages out of this special coral ring.
  • The best appropriate weight for coral is five to nine carats and the best assortment of this gemstone is Italian and Japanese coral.

The best metals to wear coral is with copper or gold and can be worn as jewellery, wrist trinkets or hoops. In any case, wearing coral as a finger ring is considered profoundly gainful.

When to wear coral?

Coral can be worn during Shukla Paksha on Tuesday or as mentioned by your astrologer. This gemstone can significantly affect the life of an individual and that is the reason one should wear this gemstone on an appropriate day as explained by the astrologer for most extreme advantage. One should get up in the early morning as this coral ring ought to be worn within one hour after sunrise.

It is imperative to submerge the ring in Sacred water or Ganga jal before wearing it. This is because coral has a few lethal components that limits its usefulness. Hence placing it into holy water washes away every one of the debasements adhering to it.

Precautionary measures and care:

Along with the above strides of wearing red coral it is likewise essential to clean it appropriately. Make a point to clean this gemstone just with a wipe or a delicate fabric since putting anything hard on this stone can harm the nature of this stone.  Its quality can be harmed in the event that it interacts with harmful synthetic concoctions, for example, ammonia, nitrogen, and so forth. Hence it is advised to wear this gemstone after applying cosmetics or scents as this may harm the stone.


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