Natural Basra Pearl Moti Gemstone

Natural Basra Pearl Moti Gemstone

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The natural real pearl got its name from a trading city named Al Basrah or Basra which is located in Iraq and was one of the major points of pearl trading. There is an immense demand for Basra Moti among those who knows the benefits of this pearl.



Gemstone Natural Basra Pearl

BASRA NATURAL PEARL MOTI बसरा प्राकर्तिक असली मोती CONTACT +917838690007

Gemstone Natural Basra Pearl

Top benefits of wearing Basra Moti Gemstone (चन्द्रमा ग्रह रत्न) :

BASRA Pearl (मोती) Basra Moti or Basra pearl has come from the Basra region of Persian Gulf. Pearls or motis have been favorite among men and women from time immemorial. This would imply the elegance, wisdom, and beauty of the wearer.

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Vedic Guruji Astrologer Gemologist Shri Varun Singh Ji provides the authentic Basra Moti with proper certificates. Differences from Normal Pearl: Basra moti is different from any normal pearl because of its shape, size, and color. Basra moti is very well known in modern world of fashion.

They are often inserted in bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, anklets et cetera. Wonderful shape, size and shades of Basra moti attracts many. Basra Moti and Astrological facts: According to Vedic astrology,


Basra Pearl or moti represents the Moon which indicates quietness, love, and happiness that a mother can provide. It helps in acquiring peace of mind, honesty, knowledge, serenity, profound sense of being. It is considered very beneficial especially for the individual of Cancer sun sign. contact best gemstones expert shri varun singh ji


    September 11, 2020


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