Wear these gems to avoid outside air and witchcraft

September 26, 2020 Wear these gems to avoid outside air and witchcraft

Wear these gems to avoid outside air and witchcraft

Many gems are mentioned in the scriptures, Sulemani Hakik is also included in them. Sulaimani Hakik has been called the miraculous jewel, it has been named Sulaimani Ratna. This gem is a gem That removes the defects of the three planets Shani, Rahu, and Ketu. Also, if any Tantra Mantra Kriya black magic has been done on you, it Also ends its effect. Each person has their aura, which has positive and negative energy. A person whose aura increases the flow of negative energy comes with many troubles. Most people in their life must have felt that their mind is depressed without any reason. There are panic and fear in the mind without any talk. There is no feeling in any work or often there is an illness and mental stress.

Know the benefits of wearing agate.

1. People who are often ill. They should wear the agate. It will remove physical weakness and transmits energy in the body. This will improve a person’s health.
2. Sulemani Hakik is a wonderful stone for those in whose horoscope Saturn Shani, Rahu or Ketu are giving bad effects. This will remove the blockages in their work.
3. It is believed that the person who is possessed by paranormal sorcery or ghosts should wear this gemstone.
4. Sulaimani Hakik gemstone removing evil effects. Not only bad eyesight, if the business is having trouble then they should wear Sulaimani Hakik.

5. If the money is not accumulating and more income is being spent then this Sulaimani Hakik stone will be quite very beneficial.
6. People who have strange paranormal experiences in their homes. They should keep this stone in their house defiantly if they feel there is any outside negative air etc.
7. This Sulaimani Hakik stone increases positive energies within a person, thereby increasing its attraction power.
8. Sulaimani Hakik stone will make the heart, kidney, and eyes stronger. It also cures diseases related to them.
9. Those who are struggling with the problem of sleep, then wear agate.
10. Agate stone is effective in relieving mental stress and neurological diseases.

Method of wearing agate

1. Any person can wear Sulemani Hakik on Saturday.
2. It should be washed with raw lassi or cow urine.
3. Put it on the middle finger.
4. Hold it in a silver ring and hold it directly in your hand.
5. If you do not want to wear it in the finger, then you can also wear it in the neck in a silver locket.


Sulaimani Hakik Gemstones Benefits

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