Virgo Zodiac

September 25, 2020 Virgo Zodiac

Virgo Zodiac

Virgo Zodiac: Date, sign and more.

Element: Earth

Quality: variable

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Symbol: The Virgin

Psychological Need: evaluate and ordain

Best Quality: Rational

Downside: critique,bitterness, fear of illness, bitterness

Traits: favoritism, rational, precise, appropriateness, supportive, sanitation, studiousness, purity, understanding.

Virgo Sign Dates: August 21 – September 22

About The Virgo Sign
The sign of Virgo is Earth. It is demanding, selective, discriminating, vigilant, analytical, imaginative, contemplative, conscientious, astute, clean and orderly. Virgo is characterized by spontaneous convenience, lowliness. Virgo works assiduously and accurately, continually focusing its efforts and intelligence to enhance techniques that lead to mastery in a chosen field. Virgo uses intellectual property to organize things.
Qualities of Virgo represented by its planet:pettiness, analytic, and great favoritism.

Virgo : Planets and ascendant as follows:

Virgo Rising (Ascendant in Virgo)
People with Virgo rising tend to be pragmatic, investigative, discerning, exacting, careful, attentive to everything, meticulous, thorough, self-effacing, introverted, demanding, cautious, and somewhat self-indulgent. You have an innovative, effective and vigilant mind. Gaining knowledge and sharing it is important to you. You love perfection and do anything to achieve it. You want a person in your life with whom you feel proud. But sometimes people can never be good enough to meet your expectations. Finding wrong in people is your main task.

Your critical nature can be harmful for you as it can hurt others, keeping eyes on every little thing is also not okay for you. Your pessimism and to control others is something you need to work Upon. You worry too much about the things around and worry about every detail. Your nature can cause health problems. You need to appreciate others as well. Every
person is different and differences make people strong. You need to let things go and start appreciating others as well without bitterness, grief, grudge or animosity.

You need to get rid of any negative thoughts that make you feel adequate. You have a natural tendency to look younger than your age. You are very anxious and do not settle for less. At times you can be very doubtful and distrustful. Spiritual lesson to learn: appropriateness.

Mercury will be important in your chart as it is the major planet in the sign of Virgo.

Sun in Virgo
With the Sun in Virgo, people desire pureness and excellence in everything. They are generally aloof, humble, shy, cogent, discerning, clear-cut, industrious, efficient, considerate, accommodating, punctual, and decisive. Virgos are hard workers and very practical in nature. They talk with their minds and use common sense before speaking. On the negative side, though, they can also be haughty, doubtful, captious, sarcastic, despondent, critical, pessimistic, fractious, and self-centered.

Virgo natives are charming and when they work they take care of all the details. Service is more important for them than directorship. Virgo natives have analytical and expressive minds, with avid analysis and admirable memories. They enjoy judging people, things, and problems. They always have questions in mind and they want every detail of why and how things are happening. Virgos hate relaxation and boredom. They love to keep themselves busy. A Virgo can generally fulfil their promise always. They have a good thing for organizing everything. They love order and harmony. They always seek perfection in whatever they do.

If they find any imperfection in you they will criticize you and find fault in you. Virgos tend to worry about everything. Because they desire perfection, they always find wrong in things and people after that they try to make it batter.

They take too much tension which can affect their health, and can cause illness. You need to take care of your health while you are doing other perfect things. Develop a positive thinking for everything instead of searching lackness. Sometimes they become so anxious about life. They want to take care of things and do not want you to make it any less.

They are so active that they need time to rest, their minds always remain active whether they are sleeping or not. You always look much younger than your original age.
Virgo lack the power of expression and it is very difficult for them to show their feelings. They can enjoy a love life and also keep you safe and secure but they don’t know how to express themselves.

Moon in Virgo
If you have the Moon in Virgo, you turn into responsive and prudent. You are too shy to express your feelings. You are emotionally strong and never make decisions in emotions.It is difficult for you to show emotions. You are left alone sometimes because of this and that makes you worse for not trying.

You become so critical that sometimes it becomes so difficult for others to manage you and they just go away. You need to learn forgiveness for yourself and for others. Happiness is something which does not need perfection. You can feel imperfections as well. You tend to be productive, sensitive, introvert, reserved, analytical and calm, especially where work is concerned.

Excellence, versatility and preciseness are important traits of you. You have the ability to evaluate people and time and then come up with a proper solution to a particular problem. You can be a great house maker, doctor, nurse and manager. But avoid taking everything in the wrong way and start appreciation. You are not good at finding good in others. Your greatest need is to learn how to appreciate and express what you feel.

Mercury in Virgo
If you have Mercury in Virgo, you tend to become more perfectionist than you ever were. You think more logically and analytically. You have a very clear mind set and you love to organize your things. You work so hard and require perfection from others as well. You use your common sense in making decisions. You use technical and mental knowledge in your work. You need a practical solution, you do not believe in words. You not merely believe in ideas but want everything in practical.

You love to analyze, view , and inspect everything, but perhaps you miss the real feeling behind it. Such behavior will always hurt you. Mastering every skill is your unique quality. You tend to be very good at doing whatever you love. You want a high standard result and it hurts if it is not up to your expectations. You are very systematic,resilient,calm,, malleable although you may have a tendency to be introverted, sarcastic, complaining, and analyzing. You are a perfectionist.

Venus in Virgo
If you have Venus in Virgo, you are quietly dedicated and affectionate to the people you love. You also become kind with Venus in you. You try to express your feelings a bit to them and try to do things which make them happy. You are bad in showing sentiment as you are very practical in nature. You tend to become romantic and do things for loved ones that you never did before.

You may lack confidence when it comes to love life. Your insecurities push you to the edge and you feel helpless there. You need others’ appreciation to feel about your feelings and never be able to make a good decision. You may also become so critical to your partner that it’s hard for them to breathe in your presence. Your hunt of perfection can cause delay in your marriage life. Thus you need to understand whom to criticize and upto what point. There is kindness in you trying to use it more often than your analytical behaviour.

You are very good at conserving energy and that gives you strength to direct your energy towards one thing and makes you an achiever. Leadership is not important for you. You love to take risks and accomplish more. You set yourself high and do not like to settle for less. Your partner knows you very well and he/she tries to do everything to keep you happy. Now it is your turn to keep them happy.

You should rest more often for your mental health as your nature can become your problem with time.

Jupiter in Virgo
If you have Jupiter in the Virgo sign, you have a discreet , intellectual, cogent , and analytical nature. You don’t believe in fixation if anything needed to be done you take full responsibility for doing it. Mere words are nothing for you. You want and trust actions. Your judgemental nature takes you to the up in terms of business but down in relationships. You need to learn how to balance your behaviour. You desire to learn everything and you hate boredom.

You also have great technical knowledge and you use it in your daily life. you can be psychic, sarcastic , critique , and distrusting for others. At times you get lost in details and never understand the concept behind it. You need to look at everything in the bigger picture and stop criticizing others.

Saturn in Virgo
If you have Saturn in Virgo, you tend to be conscientious, efficient, rational, pragmatic, scientific, formulated, calm, prudent, diligent, economical, and expeditious. You search for perfection in everything and perfection is a myth. You have a great common sense and it gives you profit in future. You become very strong emotionally with Saturn in you and do your work more efficiently.

You never take care of yourself due to your mind and it left you in misery once in a while. You may face depression in later stages of your life due to your loneliness. You like neat and clean work with everything organised in a certain manner. You hate dust, west and mess. If you are Virgo you love cleaness. You may want to live alone but you also seek love when you feel alone. Be humble and kind. Stop criticizing whom you love or who hold some value in your life.

Uranus in Virgo
Uranus in Virgo: With uranus in virgo you are going to feel tensed. A high amount of nervousness is going to cover you. You can feel anxiety at its peak. But if taken care properly can become very beneficial for you. You can use your power of analysis in generating a great solution with involvement of mind.

Since Virgo represents earth signs, it tends to be traditional – the similar and Uranus’ influence in Virgo is quite reverse, heightening ideas and original thoughts. But with effort these contradictions can give a surprised result. For avoiding anxiety meditation is recommended. Try some physical exercises as well to remain fit.

Neptune in Virgo
Neptune in Virgo: Neptune in you may lower your confidence. You may suffer discontent and heart broken. You are also vulnerable towards depression. Neptune in Virgo will also stimulate the imagination power if placed perfectly. Virgo can use these imaginations in all the way of life.

Pluto in Virgo
Pluto in Virgo: With Pluto in Virgo sign you are becoming more obsessive, demanding which has never happened before in your chart. You may feel yourself overcritical but you can
control it with practice.

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