The Last Solar Eclipse of 2020

December 13, 2020 The Last Solar Eclipse of 2020

The Last Solar Eclipse of 2020

The last Solar Eclipse or 14 December Surya Grahan of 2020 is the last thing to worry about in 2020, being a tough year for humans, the covid pandemic took a lot of lives leaving behind people full of anxiety and despair.

Though in India it won't be visible, that doesn't mean it won't spare us in any way. The effects of the Surya Grahan can be varied from one sign to another based on the movement of the planets. We can't do anything to make it not happen, but we can save ourselves from its ill effects.

Total Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. Total Solar Eclipse will be visible from Chile and Argentine, rest will experience partial Solar Eclipse. While some won't experience it at all.

The timings for the Solar Eclipse in India are from 7:03 PM(IST) on December 14 till 12:23 AM on December 15. The maximum Eclipse would be at 9:43 PM.

According to the position of planets, it is being said that we have to be extra cautious during the Eclipse as it might cause us some serious relationship issues that can't be resolved in the future. Especially people above 40 years of age should be aware of their actions, the stubbornness might cause long-lasting pain in a relationship. As the after-effects of Solar Eclipse would make you have less control over your mind and emotions, your willpower and patience can make it futile. Your stubborn attitude is what you have to control.

Effects of the Solar Eclipse would last till the 25th of December so you should be mindful before making any choice. It would take 10-15 days to make your life inviolate.

Pregnant ladies should be extra cautious of the Solar Eclipse, they should chant the Surya mantra.

NOTE: Solar Eclipse effects can last up to 120 days i.e., 4 months.

Donation is what can minimize the effect of Surya Grahan. Donating some food or clothes to needy people can diminish the effect of Surya Grahan.

Effects of Solar Eclipse on Zodiac Signs :

The effects of Solar Eclipse based on your ascendent and moon sign are as follows:

Aries: It would be the most affected sign in all the twelve signs. There would be a drastic change in your life: you may get into a scandal or may meet with an accident. So, take care of yourself and your health. Don't lose your temper. There would be a delay in everything you're planning to do, or waiting for.

Taurus: If you're in a relationship or married you have to be extra cautious. There would be a sudden transformation in your relationship, if everything is going good then there might be some conflicts or if nothing is going right things can be beautiful. If you're in business, there you have to think twice before making any deal.

Gemini: If you are thinking of taking any loan, then just drop the idea for a while. You should work on your communication as your words might be mistaken for something else. Health should be your utmost priority.

Cancer: Emotional cyclone is what you might get in, an outburst of your emotions can create a problem. If you are having kids, take care of their health. Weird ideas, don't rely on them; at least don't think twice before implementing any. Any investment in the share market should be strictly avoided as it can destroy you financially.

Leo: There might be a clash between your family and workplace, balancing out the situation is the only solution. Try to control your ego and avoid taking impulsive decisions. Also, avoid getting into a conflict.

Virgo: There might be a dispute with your younger siblings so have control over your tongue.

Libra: You can get into a scandal so stay calm and focused. Watch your language as might be misunderstood from your words.

Scorpio: Scorpio is the one benefiting from the solar eclipse if they watch their actions. The Solar Eclipse will transform you completely, your self-image will be improved. So, you just have to stay calm.

Sagittarius: Avoid disputes related to property or finances.

Capricorn: A big No should be there for the share market as it can destroy you. There are chances of conflicts with your siblings and friends.

Aquarius: You should control your tongue as it might cause some serious trouble at your workplace.

Pisces: Your Guru and Father's health should be your utmost priority.

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