Taurus Zodiac

September 25, 2020 Taurus Zodiac

Taurus Zodiac

Zodiac: Date, sign and more

  • Taurus Zodiac
  • Taurus Zodiac Element: Earth
  • Quality: Ambitious
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Psychological Need: To be ingenious and constructive Taurus Zodiac https://vedicguruji.com/
  • Best Quality: Strong will and determination.
  • Downside: Purposeful, stubborn, combative, Possessive, slow.
  • Traits: affection, dependence , patient, steady, endurance, strong , self-assured conservative, harmony, possessions, practicality.
  • Taurus Sign Dates: April 21 – May 22
  • Earth is the sign of Taurus. They are gentle, unrushed, and easygoing. Their thinking is winning things in a slow and steady manner. Have you heard “Slow and steady wins”? Being highly determined in nature they love to construct bonds and their self-restraint carry out everything for long. When it comes to love, Taurus are not up to the expectation. Venus as its ruler makes Taurus Unromantic. They are materialistic in nature and get attracted by the physical comfort of the world. Taurus People work hard to attain all the comfort in life. They believe in having security of everything you got. Taurus Zodiac
  • The Taurus sign shows practicality and before making any move they took all the measure protection. They first need assurance about everything they are dealing with. Their need for security creates problems in every point of life. Their demand of security changes into possessiveness. Taurus represents bull and like the bull they are not so quick in anger but if once get triggered it will be very problematic for you. They take affection of others as their own property. Taurus are analytical and persistent and they hate changes. Qualities shown by planets in Taurus: Fondness, steadiness and mindfulness. Taurus Zodiac
  • Rising sign of Taurus: Taurus Sign Rising people tend to be determined, ambitious, steady and slow, loyal, practical, stable, stubborn, hard workers, go getters, fixed in their own convictions with their pace. They can be leaders but you can never push them for anything. They are quiet, affectionate and shy by nature. Your hard working nature always gives you fruitful results and as you are practical and determined you always give your hundred percent to achieve that. People and finances play an important role in your life, you always put them first in priority list. You are good at carrying on and helping others to do the same. Your steady nature will take you to the top. Taurus Zodiac https://www.facebook.com/groups/307830626678181/
  • Persistence and will power is the most important key to your success. You hate sickness as it affects your progressiveness but try to be less rigid in all your things. You are fond of rich and sweet food which sometimes makes you obess. lessons to be learned: divorcement and importance of venus.
  • Sun in Taurus
  • Sun in Taurus natives are generally bold, calm, cautious,rational,precise, determined, constant, persevering, warmhearted and loyal. They are practical in nature and like getting their own hands on their work, making things, ups and downs and results of their effort. If the result is fruitful then they do not get bothered by mundane work. Common sense is not uncommon in you. Possessions of materialistic things are the significance of Taurus sign. They feel a great attachment with the things they have whether it is relation, finance or other things. They don’t feel emotionally. They are extremely acquisitive and productive due to their sense of enjoyment. Sometimes they start treating people around them as their own property which affects the sentiment of others, thus leading to a disruptive relation. Taurus Zodiac people work at a lesser pace than any other zodiac, but they never quit till they finish what they have started. They are careful in taking every step and seek security in every work. They never get bored in doing what they love. They can also start others unfinished jobs and take it to the end. Because of this they are considered trustworthy. No one can push Taurus for doing anything as they are their own leader. Taurus are not at all aggressive by nature. You cannot make Taurus angry easily, but remember never challenge their passisance. They are very calm but pushing them down can be dangerous. They can erupt like a volcano. They have anger similar to bulls. It takes plenty of time to cool down. Never rush and push them. Give them their time and leave alone. They will sort out their things themselves. Taurus need time to comprehend and grasp things. Taurus natives are resistant to change. They are trustworthy and people feel safe around them. They are rigid with their thoughts and no one can change their opinion easily. They make you feel secure if you are with them. They are calm and mindful at the time of crisis. Their patience is a driving factor in the field of financial sector. They come up with cool and collective ideas to tackle any problem and stick to that problem until they find a permanent solution. Taurus natives show love, harmony and grace and they can be extremely romantic sometimes. But fear of loss is always a matter of concern. And that fear takes the face of possessiveness and jealousness with the time. But you need to learn if there is no possession there is no fear. If you overcome your fear of loss , you will be able to enjoy things and nature. You took every word on a serious note which can cause disagreement and lead to a toxic relation. You need to respect the feelings of others. Try to connect yourself emotionally, not physically to people and things around you. You have to learn the feeling of detachment. Things come and go, there is nothing to be worried about. If anything meant for you it will come to you. Taurus Zodiac
  • With the Moon in Taurus Zodiac, You are a peace lover. People barely notice any Taurus Zodiac native as short tempered.
  • Moon in Taurus
  • Moon in Taurus makes you emotional once in a while. There are times when Taurus shows stubbornness if things are not going accordingly, especially the changes is something you resist most. You never compromise with emotional breakdown. You should learn emotional adjustment which is very important for your life. You love material and you desire to collect all the goods you can. Having a large amount of goods or money demands security and giving high amounts of security causes fear of loss. A great amount of effort is needed to help you to let go of things. You always cling to your past with things to find security but in reverse you found insecurities and sadness. Don’t hold things and people so closely that it becomes a prison for them. You cannot hold things for long so try not to affect yourself every time you encounter them.Taurus are very loyal and devoted to those they care about but they always expect the same in return. You may have weight problems due to your choices of food as sweet food is something you like the most. You expect loyalty and respect in your love life and you are very devoted to those you love. Sensual comforts and activities indulges you. Food gives you security. But it gives you a problem of weight. For emotional satisfaction and love, a game changer role is played by foods. You are determined, and persistent and more importantly resource full. As your sign is earth, you have a great affection for your work. You always try to complete your work on your own. You never ask for help and try to finish what has been started. Your work gives you happiness. You always work as a leader in every project and never take offensive words from others. You just need to learn flexibility to keep going. Don’t be too rigid to ask for help. Taurus Zodiac
  • Mercury in Taurus Zodiac
  • Mercury in Taurus, you have a slow and quiet manner of deliberate thought. If you see no reason to change, you do not change your mind either. You are practical,determined, methodical, and affectionate in most things you do. You have the ability to stick with your work and take it to the end. You may take time to learn things at a slower pace than others, but once learned, it is never forgotten. You never take decisions in a hurry, so you hate being pushed forcefully. Rushing is not your thing and you do things at your own pace. Perseverance is one of your best qualities. Sustaining what you have started and seeing the practical result is something you enjoy the most. You love to finish tasks started by others Once you make up your mind, It will take a lot to reverse . Your success is not because you are mentaly strong, but because you have the ability to follow a project through to its end. You may have an artistic aptitude. Maybe you like to sing for a living perhaps. you make up your mind, It will take a lot to reverse.
  • Venus in Taurus Zodiac:
  • Venus in Taurus Zodiac defines your loyalty in love affairs. you are generally if your partner is outspoken and loving. Your orientation towards the sensual side in everything in life , may be seen through your love life. Too much weight is another problem of your affection towards food. You are highly responsive to physical beauty and physical appearances and it is the most important part of your life. Beauty of your partner is very important to you. Indulging yourself and the ones you love is so important for you but sometimes it changes into a harmful situation when you give value to material over comfort. Comfort is not very important to you but at times you become lazy. You need to develop self-control. You seem to take pleasure with earthy things. Your possessiveness and stubbornness is taking the easy way out in your relationships.
  • Mars in Taurus Zodiac
  • If you have Mars in Taurus Zodiac, your responsibility,independence, and commitment towards your goal is extraordinary. You never give up and take full responsibility for finishing any task. You never change your mind in the course of time or in mid-stream. Once you set your sights on, you refuse to give up. loyalty is your best trait. You never blame others for your fault. Unless someone betrays your trust, You never lose your temper. Your calmness helps you to keep going. You are patient and never complain to others for your work. You can handle tons of workload by which most around you are afraid of. Regular routine with definite hours of work is preferred by you. That clearly defines your responsibilities for tasks. You love to see the result of your hard work. You are very practical about your work and never believe in things told to you unless you check all the security issues. You never get satisfaction with ordinary results instead you work on it again and again to make it remarkable. At times you get lazy and put all the work on pause but once you get a momentum going, your energy level is hard to believe. Keeping things going is your specialty. Your persistent nature is doing great for your life but it can work against you sometimes. You may get caught in one work and other offers will just slip away fro your hand. You limit yourself to be safe as there is some fear to lose. Pain and sickness scare you the most and you resist changes. You try to choose a path in life where no one can reach you to just prove your stubborn nature. It may get harmful for you and for your loved ones. You are money minded and try to get everything in possession to feel secure. You need to change your perception to bring peace in your life. You need to rethink upon your values. You should learn to keep people in your life. Sharing ideas and belief can help.
  • Jupiter in Taurus Zodiac
  • If you have Jupiter in Taurus, you want to expand the world around materialistic things. You always give value to material over emotions. Material makes you happy. You expect earthy things as reward for your efforts. A appreciational word is never enough for Taurus. Material things provide security to you. You love to show off what you have in possession. You never believe in anything said you always need proof for believing it. You never jump in any conversation until you find it useful. Such traits are defining your winning character. Investigating everything before working for it or giving your time is what you do first. You start any work if you are fully satisfied with the pros and cons of it. This is taking you towards a high yielding individual certificate. Your zealness is making you richer but have to learn that material is not something worth dying for. Learn to fight fear of losing. You can create everything again with your will power. Overeating is something that you always have to keep in mind. You are a sweet lover but eating more than required is not a great way.
  • Saturn in Taurus Zodiac
  • If you have Saturn in Taurus, you are very perpetual in carrying out your dreams. You seem highly concerned with material possessions and want it to feel superior to others. By collecting materialistic things around from years you have neglected all the other goods you can have. This collection is not making you feel any better, instead making your life miserable and meaningless. You always worry about what might happen tomorrow to you things that you have carried so far. You lost many relation due to your over possessiveness. Can these materials bring the good day back. You have to understand the value of people. On one side you are a proud persistent worker and on the other you are holding things which have least values. Remember you have many such ability which can make you a super leader. Don’t waste your energy in just worrying about. Hard work is your favorite thing. Your feelings are well-controlled and you are good in taking decision. People find you reliable. Some want your opinion while starting their work. Loyalty is something you always demand.
  • Uranus in Taurus Zodiac
  • When Uranus is in Taurus, Uranus represent stubbornness. If you make up your mind nobody can push you down. You are gifted here with a combination of stability and uranian originality. You are persistent and continuous by nature but opposing Uranus trying to be free from all convention. You have to keep these opposing things in balance. Uranus is playing the most powerful role in Taurus zodiac sign. The placement and inclinations can turn nature and behavior. When balance is achieved, Taurus is at its best. Things you should learn- Try to become content. Chasing after things is not bad but fear of losing is something you should not think about. To know more about your horoscope, keep reading our daily updates. If you have any query in your mind leave in comment box


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