Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2020

September 26, 2020 Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2020

Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2020

Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2020 for Pisces

New year 2020 will be good for the people of this amount. But in the areas of related work and business, you may have to face stiff competition for the desired benefits. Though the sight of Ascendant Ketu and Rahu will give you sudden success. But hard work cannot be denied. The month of February will enhance the happiness of family life. Livelihood efforts will achieve great success. The mind will be happy and fed. But by the middle of the year, the combination of Guru and Rahu can give inauspicious and unnecessary arguments, so that you can be distracted from your goals from competitors and work areas. But at the end of the year, again, there are several ways to increase auspicious results from the Guru’s self-respecting vision. As a result, you will be interested in organized religion and auspicious works. Friendship will be gained from prudent and respected people. That is, according to the planetary position, you will get both good results. Contact your astrologer Varun Singh Ji by scheduling time for a definite solution to your personal problem. We assure you of a definite solution

The people of Pisces can go down and read all the information/prediction of the year 2020 related to the Pisces zodiac (Moon sign) in detail: 

Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2020 The year 2020 can be very auspicious for Pisces people. Your zodiac sign is the seventh house by the year 2020. This year, Mercury, Guru, Sun, Saturn, Ketu are sitting together at the place of karma with your zodiac, who are making Panchagrahi Yoga. With this effect, you will get new opportunities in your career. You will get immense success in the business world too. Jupiter, the lord of the zodiac, is also of own house Swarashi who is making Hans Mahayoga. With this effect, you can get promoted. You will also get good support and respect from seniors. Meen Rashifal In 2020, the lord of destiny is seated in the destiny of the place of Mars. These too are auspicious signs for your fortune. Sukhesh and Saptamesh Karak planet Mercury are maintaining Buddhism Yoga with Sagittarius and Sun in your magazine. This shows that this year is going to give auspicious results for your spouse’s career as well. The presence of Mercury with Jupiter is making marriage a sum for unmarried people. Venus, the planet of love affairs, sits in a benefic place. It is also indicating that your romantic life will be happy. Single people can start their love life this year. This year, you can visit a hill station or abroad as a tourist.

At the beginning of the year, Saturn is changing in your zodiac sign ie on the 24th of January in the place of income. Saturn’s entry into the income space will cause money to rain. Expenses will also increase. But the possibility of physical loss of health is also shown.

According to the year horoscope 2020, on March 30, Jupiter will be transformed into a profit place due to karma, which will increase your auspiciousness. Because the planet Jupiter, the lord of zodiac and karma, will sit in place of profit. Where there will already be Saturn of Swarashi. This combination of Shani and Guru is making low dissolution Raja Yoga. You will also get the benefit in terms of physical health. If you were troubled by disease for a long time, you can get relief from it. The disease which could not be detected will be known. illness will come to grips. The lord of Karma is Brihaspati Jupiter, so you can get results as expected from hard work done. You can also consult well-known astrologers from across the country.

On 11 May, Saturn will be retrograde. After this, the arrival of money can stop suddenly. Your troubles can increase even physically. You also need to be cautious about children and education. Because the curve of Saturn is falling on your children and home of education. Due to which you may get interrupted in these areas.

On May 14, the Guru will curve, after which the auspicious effect of the Guru will start getting. At this time the curved vision of the Guru will fall on its higher zodiac sign. Which can give you auspiciousness from your education and child side too? If there is a new vision in the seventh house, the sum of marriage will also be formed. You will also get the good pleasure of married life. After this, on 30 June, Retrograde Jupiter Guru will go to Sagittarius. So that you will spend a long time creating work that has been paused since last time. It will also help you in completing those unfinished tasks.

According to Meen Kundli, 2020 will be Jupiter Guru Margie forward on 13 September. When the guru is in the way, you will start preparing to prepare your future plans.

This year Rahu’s transformation is happening on 23 September. Rahu will come to Taurus in place of your might. Which will make the sum of progress in your power. Also, Rahu of the High will make you travel by air. Along with this Ketu is also coming to the destination place. After this arrival, interest in spirituality will increase inside you. The atmosphere of the house can also be slightly religious. You can do rituals pooja and suddenly your luck will also start supporting you. One can also visit any place of pilgrimage.

On September 29, Saturn Shani will be moving. Once Saturn is in the path, your work will start accelerating again and things which had stopped you from the previous time will appear to be moving fast.

Your plans will start succeeding as soon as the Guru returns to Capricorn on November 20.

Rahu will also be sitting in a place of happiness at the beginning of this year, which is also called the home of a friend and mother, the presence of Rahu here can also confuse you a bit. Here you need to be cautious. Especially when you are taking a new vehicle, new house from your friend or someone. Along with this, Ketu is also seated in the tenth place, which makes a lot of hard work here, but through hard work, it also gives success and success.

Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2020 – Meen Rashifal 2020

According to the Pisces Horoscope 2020 (Meen Rashifal 2020), the people of Pisces will get many good gifts this year, which will keep your mind happy. This year, Jupiter, the lord of your zodiac sign, will be present in your tenth house till March 30 and after that, you will transit in Capricorn in your eleventh house. After retroacting on 14 May, you will return to your tenth house on 30 June and after going to the path on 13 September, they will enter your 11th house on 20 November. At the beginning of the year, Saturn Shani Dev will enter your zodiac sign in your eleventh house through which he will take you on the path of profit. Rahu Maharaj will remain in the fourth house till mid-September and after that, he will enter the third house. As a result, after September, the problems in your family life will be solved and your courage and valor will increase and you will be able to do many difficult tasks easily. But you have to give your best contribution to every work, only then you will be able to achieve the achievements that are expected.

According to the Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2020 (Meen Rashi 2020), this year you will focus more attention on monetary gain and trips will be less. You will travel as per the requirement and travel especially in connection with your business or work and all these trips will be beneficial for you. There may be a transfer of jobbers. After mid-September, you can go with your family members on any religious pilgrimage or tour of tourist places. During this time your siblings may have health problems. Acting, drama, fine art, creative work, photography, social service, information technology, civil engineering, law and law, social service and service providers are likely to be a good year for those interested or working. This year, not only will you get progress in your work, but due to this work, your honor will also increase. Some people will also get good success in the field of politics and those who are employed as advisors will get a good chance of getting a promotion with good results.

According to Pisces Horoscope 2020, be ready for new changes this year with your loved ones, friends and colleagues. You will tackle every task by remaining energetic, which will also increase your chances of achieving success. You will get respect from the elders of the family and respected people of the society and you will do very good work in their protection, due to which, not only your honor and respect will increase, you will get progress. Being too busy with work will make it almost impossible for you to make time for yourself. However, you should also spend some time for yourself so that you can feel relaxed. This year, your long-held desires will be fulfilled, due to which you will be filled with a different self-confidence and this confidence will show you the way forward. Do not let any opportunity coming in your way go by hand so that during this year, no chance of progress will be known by your hand.

Career according to Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2020

According to Pisces 2020, the beginning of the year will be very good for you and your work in the field will be appreciated. The time from January to March 30 will be favorable to a large extent and whatever decision you take will work to advance you. After that time till June 30 will increase your income and you will come closer to your superiors, due to which you will get benefits and facilities due to them from time to time. Some of you may get a good promotion this year.

According to the Pisces Horoscope 2020, if you do any business, then the year is likely to be even better. You will get good luck, it will help in your work. If you want to grow your business then it can expand and due to its expansion, you will be in a position to earn more profit. For the stock market and speculative trading people, the possibility of good profit and growth is visible this year.

According to the Pisces Horoscope 2020, this year, especially between March 30 to June 30, can prove to be taking you to higher heights. Those who do their business will be expected to get a lot of profit this year and due to the business, their equal respect will also increase. During this time you have to be a little careful with your opponents. Although they will not be able to do you much harm, still they can disturb you mentally from time to time and can interfere with your work. Just, in the beginning, the profit in business may be less but as time progresses your work will pick up speed and by the end of the year you will find yourself in a very convenient position. This year can prove to be very good for the career of the people of Pisces.

Economic life according to Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2020 According to Pisces 2020, this year is going to be very beneficial for you from an economic perspective. Therefore, get ready for the preparations and do not let any opportunity to take full advantage of this period. At the beginning of the year, Saturn Shani Dev will enter your eleventh house on January 24, during which long-term gains will begin and your efforts will bear fruit. You will also get good benefits by completing work that has been stuck for a long time. In addition, people working in foreign companies and those doing business from abroad can get huge profits. This situation will expand further in the middle of the year and you will be likely to gain money through more than one medium. According to the Pisces Horoscope 2020, you can also earn good profit by renting the property this year. If your money was stuck for a long time, then there will be a possibility of getting it this year. However, you will also have to make some efforts for it. You will also have a position to spend money in your family on auspicious tasks, so consider expenses. You will do your work with all your passion and you will desire to earn maximum profit which will be fulfilled this year. If you want to buy a vehicle or get a building constructed, then this wish can also be fulfilled. In addition, there may be money spent on family happiness. If you are thinking about investing then you can definitely make it this year. There may be an excess in expenses between May 4 and June 18, so try to avoid any kind of transaction during this time. Mostly this year will be successful in making you financially advanced and you will be able to earn well. 

Education according to the Pisces horoscope predictions 2020, this year will provide a lot of achievement for the students of Pisces. If you are engaged in preparing for competitive exams, then the time from the beginning of the year to March 30 and then from June 30 to November 20 will be very favorable for you and during this time you will get the expected results. According to Pisces 2020, the period from January to March 30 and from June 30 to November 20 will be very favorable for competitive examinations. On the other hand, the time of March 30 to June 30 will be much better for students of general subjects. In the middle of the year, students will earn success in higher education and get admission to the institutes they want. However, at the same time, between 14 May and 13 September, mixed results will be achieved because the students’ health is weak and their education may be affected. The year will be very good for students pursuing education in civil engineering, law, social subjects, social service, and esoteric spiritual subjects. 

Family life according to Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2020, this year the family life can be full of ups and downs because Rahu will be present in your fourth house till mid-September which will try to stop you from taking full pleasure of home. You will also be busier at work so that the family will be able to give less time to the family. Some people may find happiness in a rented house in place of their house. Rahu’s transit in third place after mid-September will bring happiness in family life. However, before that, the sight of Jupiter Gurudev will be in the fourth house till the end of March, due to which there will be a possibility of growth in the family. This increase can be due to the marriage of a person or the birth of an infant. This will create a festive atmosphere in your family and everyone will look happy. After mid-September, you will get respect in society, although your siblings may remain weak during this period. During this period you will participate more vigorously in social work and can also go on a pilgrimage with family. 

According to the Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2020, the beginning of the year will not be very good because your 4th house will be influenced by 5 planets, which may cause a contradiction in family members and affect the health of your parents. The time from May to August will be very good for your family life and during this period you can plan to buy a vehicle or property. Most of the members of the family can accuse each other, so be careful and keep your reputation. Show greatness and try to take the family along. Visit our experienced astrologer for astrological solutions to any problem of life: visit www.vedicguruji.com.

Marital life and children according to Pisces horoscope 2020

According to Pisces 2020, you will have many types of experiences in marital life, some of which will be good and in some, you will have to show your understanding and decision-making ability. The time from March 30 to June 30 will prove to be very relaxing for love life and during this time there will be a feeling of belongingness in your relationship. Your mutual coordination will improve and both of you together will lead a good married life. Those who are childless may also get children during this period, due to which there will be no place for their happiness. Between June 30 and November 20, the conditions will increase a bit of stress and during this time you will have to do your best to ensure that nothing happens that affects your married life. The month of September will prove to enhance your love with your life partner and will include sweetness in your married life. This year you can also go on a pilgrimage with your life partner. Maintain a good relationship with your in-laws and treat them well.

According to Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2020, this year seems likely to be normal for your children. One of your children can get married this year, which will make you look happy and satisfied. However, on the other hand, you have to take care of the health of your children as this year can see a decline in their health. Talk to them like a friend so that nothing in their mind gets home. They can be mentally disturbed, so do not leave them alone and take them from time to time.

Love life according to Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2020

According to the Pisces Horoscope 2020, the beginning of the year is favorable for love affairs and because of this your love life will pick up the pace, but the time of year is going to be very challenging for love life. At the beginning of the year, you will be busier in your work area, due to which you will be able to give less time to your beloved. Therefore you should take care that the harmony between you should not deteriorate due to this time gap. At the beginning of the year, on January 24, Shani Dev will come to your 11th house and look at the fifth house and from that time a challenging time will start for your love life. On one hand, this year will be a tough test for your love life and if you are honest in your relationship and your love is pure then you will not have any problem. On the contrary, there will be tension and conflict in your relationship and if it affects your relationship, then a rift in the relationship is possible.

According to Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2020, especially the period from 14 May to 13 September will take a difficult test of love life and it will be better for you to be very careful during this time. The period from February to March will be somewhat good. During this time, a new person may enter your life. You have to take time out from your work and give time to your love life as well only then it will go smoothly.

Health according to Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2020

According to the Pisces Horoscope 2020, you will get mixed results related to health this year because your health is likely to be fluctuating. Even though the probability of a serious problem appears to be negligible, it is advisable to take care of your health. Mentally, you will remain firm to a great extent and due to this, there will also be a sense of satisfaction. If a disease is already existing then it is also likely to improve and if you do not have any disease already, then this year will be more likely to go well.

According to the Pisces Horoscope 2020, you may have to face minor diseases like cough, cold, fever, etc. due to a change of weather, but these problems will also be eliminated after time and treatment. Eating a vegetarian will be more suitable for you. Apart from this, if you do yoga and practice sound meditation, it will be much better. Between 14 May and 13 September, you may experience fatigue due to excessive workload and this fatigue can cause the origin of one’s disease, so make sure to take time to rest in between work. If possible, go on a morning walk. From December 14 until the end of the year, there is a possibility that your self-esteem will decrease slightly, to prevent it, you should recite Sri Vishnu Sahastranam Stotra or chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra to increase your self-confidence and you complete every task. End it with energy and enthusiasm.

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Special astrological measures to be done in the year 2020

This year, you should take the following measures throughout the year, as a result of which you will get rid of many problems and you will move forward on the path of progress:

• This year you should plant peepal and banana trees and offer water to them on Thursday. The thing to note here is that without touching the peepal tree, offer water.

• If possible, you should observe fast every Thursday and apply saffron tilak on the forehead every day. If you keep fast then you should avoid eating a banana.

• Food and Dakshina should be given to deserving Brahmins.

• Do not make false promises to anyone.

• The brown cow should be fed jaggery and flour.

• Service and charity should be done at any religious place.

• Apart from this, you can also establish Guru Yantra which is beneficial in destroying the evil influence of Jupiter planet, increasing knowledge and fortune and achieving wealth and prosperity in life.

• Worshiping Lord Shrihari Vishnu with faith and with the service of Guru Vipra can remove nagativity and improve auspicious results.

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