Numerology: The Numbers with Deeper Meaning

December 20, 2020 Numerology: The Numbers with Deeper Meaning

Numerology: The Numbers with Deeper Meaning


Have you heard of numerology? Do you believe that numbers can determine your fate ahead?  Have you caught yourself attracted to particular numbers or do you have a favourite number?

Let Vedic Guruji highlight what numerology is and why to believe in numerology more clearly.

Vedic Guruji is a platform that enhances you with not only the well known astrologers, tarot card reader, numerologists and many more experts in town, but also with much needed services like astrological shopping that helps you heal yourself spiritually.

In basic terms, numerology is the study which connects numbers with your life. It helps you explore not only the world around you but also a particular individual. Numerology is considered as the universal language of numbers. Numerology is the idea that the universe is a system and once it is broken down in several pieces, we are left with the basic elements and that’s the numbers. These numbers can then be used to better understand the world and ourselves as individuals.

Just like astrologists are the specialist in astrology, numerologists are the individuals who practise numerology and provides supernatural relations using one of the numerology systems. There are many well-known numerologists in India that are connected with us at your service. Here are some best numerologists in Delhi that you can reach through us:

1.   Astrologer Pramod Malpani

Experience: 17 Years

Languages: Hindi

Astrologer Pramod Malpani is an accomplished Vedic Astrologer having knowledge of nakshtra Nadi, kp, Lal Kitab, Chaldean numerology, Loshugrid Numerology. He is well known for his communication skills and knowledge.

2.   Astro Kiraan

Experience: 6 Years

Languages: Marathi , Hindi, English

Astro Kiraan is highly skilled in tarot card reading, reiki, vastu, tarot card reading, astro remedies, reiki healing, colour therapy, numerology, feing shui, horoscope reading, and all energized healing products are available on orders, healing, crystals, spirituality and more that can help you clear your doubts and stress about your future.

3.   Astrologer Pawan Pandey

Experience: 20 Years

Languages: Hindi

Astrologer Pawan Pandey is one of the finest numerologist having a good time period of experience in this field. He is commonly known for his skills in Numerology, Nadi Astrology and Lal kitab. He can also be consulted on many other topics like marriage counseling, career counseling, business counseling, money counseling, and love or relationship counseling.

4.   Tarot Reader Sarita

Experience: 5 Years

Languages: Punjabi, Hindi, English

Tarot Reader Sarita is a notable Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist, Reiki Master, Chakara Balancing, Pendulum Dousing, Crystal Healer, Candle Healing, Tarot Spell and Shabar Yantra, Mantra, Tantra. She empowers people to discover their life’s journey and purpose through her knowledge.

5.   Astrologer Rishi Parashar

Experience: 11 Years

Languages: Hindi, English

Rishi Parashar is a Vedic Astrologer, Numerologist, Vehicle astrologer, also dealing with Prashna Kundli astrology. He is from a family background that was well known for it's traditional astrology knowledge. He is also skilled in solving all the problems related to Family, Financial, Gemstone Consultation, Match-making, Travel Abroad Consultation, Legal Matters, Business, Education, Health, Job, Politics, Vastu & even in all other important fields with his accurate remedial solutions. He also works in the field of Vehicle Astrology which can help you to know about your vehicle's future just with it's vehicle number.

Why to choose Numerology? Here’s the top three benefits to look forward from Numerology:

1.      Know yourself a little better: Numerology has the ability to explain why you make certain choices and helps you know your strengths and weaknesses. It helps you to develop your inner self a little better.

2.     What awaits for you in the future: The Life Path Number in Numerology tells you when opportunities would knock at your door and when challenges may let you down. This vital piece of information helps you to be prepared in advance and face the situations appropriately.

3.     Enhance Yourself: Your Birthday number is analysed which provides you with information on special talents that you brought into the world with you.


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