Moon Planet Experience the Heavenly Bliss amidst Shadows

September 26, 2020 Moon Planet Experience the Heavenly Bliss amidst Shadows

Moon Planet Experience the Heavenly Bliss amidst Shadows

Moon has long been known to be one of the important planets amidst astrologers. The moon has a calming, and profound impact on human life. The planet was born soon after the creation of earth, and its destiny is believed to be closely intertwined with the fate of the earth. The reasons for this date far back in mythology, and traces of it can be found in modern disciplines like Astronomy, and Psychology as well. Moon zodiac cancer

Moon Mythology: A Fair-Tale The story of the moon began with the story of Chandramukhi. She was the most beautiful princess in ancient India. Despite her princely lineage, she married a commoner out of love. While doing so, she rejected the king of heavens – Indra. While rejecting him – she said, “You are a more powerful man than perhaps any other in existence, but heart only lets in the world that comforts it. Power doesn’t – only compassion can”. Moon zodiac

Moon Psychology: A Home Far Away Moon has long been a tale of love. However, it isn’t just a tale of Chandramukhi, and Indra. Moon is also a symbol of motherly love. As Chandramukhi explained to Indra, “true compassion masks underneath our imperfections, and creates an abstract world of its own–Then hey Indra, what use do I have for your heavenly might? Since then, the moon has been immortalized as a symbol of our emotions, our comfort side, and our vulnerabilities. In a parallel world – it is also a symbol of our maternal desire for belonging. Conquering the moon requires learning, understanding, and exposing one’s self to the vulnerable aspects of abstract emotions. Moon zodiac

Moon Astrology: A Longing for a Destiny As an Indian, you may have commonly heard the phrase ‘Chandra lagn’. The phrase originates in moon’s nature of tying fates in a strange manner. Lagna is the most powerful house in the horoscope, and it impacts all aspects of human life. Hence, moon is considered one of the most important planets in Vedic astrology. Just like the various manifestations of the physical moon, the planet sign also varies widely. Moon planet depending on the state, can make way for imagination, creativity, and debilitation alike. For example, if the moon is titled by 3 degrees, away from Taurus, it can lead to the most powerful condition of the mind. Similarly, ideal moon conditions can promise fame, fortune, and social status alike. 

The Moon and Back to Earth At VedicGuruji, we emphasise on unleashing the true power of the moon with understanding, concern for one another, and compassion. Attimes,everyone is feels lost, alone, and willing to surrender at any moment. However, amidst the darkest times – remember that moon is often just clouded, and your brightest moment may just be around the corner. If you need specialised help, feel free contact to VedicGuruji at

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