Life Predictions by Date of Birth

September 22, 2020 Life Predictions by Date of Birth

Life Predictions by Date of Birth

Horoscope is the astrological document that reflects the future predictions of a person. It has the 12 houses in a graphical representation to represent the presence of planets, Sun, Moon, and other celestial bodies. Based on the movement of these celestial bodies, the calculations are made and future events in the life of the native are predicted. Accurate time, place, and date of the person are required to design the birth chart. Online support has become extremely popular these days. Life predictions by date of birth are also possible for the experts as they make the calculations based on the influence of the celestial bodies and acquaint the native with the results.

Technology has started playing a major role in these predictions because experts combine the ancient Vedic Astrology with the latest technology to deduce the most accurate results. Life predictions are remedies are based on the person’s date of the birth chart. The placement of the planets and celestial bodies in the houses of the birth chart provides the detailed information. This also provides deep insight into one’s character and personality.

To read a birth chart, the following elements are considered:

  • The birth chart consists of 12 houses, signs, and planets. The calculation of the movement of these bodies is done to map the future events of the native’s life.
  • The placement of the planets in the different houses is analyzed. Their conjunctions and aspects are studied by experts.
  • Life predictions can be easily done based on the birth chart.

What does life prediction by date of birth consist of?

Life prediction for every person is different as all are born under diverse celestial body influence. Life prediction consists of the overall prediction about one’s health, marriage, career, education, and wealth. The experts can tell the natives about the events that will take place at a different time during their lifetime. All these predictions are based on their birth chart.

The expert can even tell the native about the confusion and indecisiveness which they may face in life and remedies to deal with the same. The native may face challenges in life in the form of Dashas like Sade Saati, Kaal Sarp Yog, etc. The astrologer can tell the native about the effective remedies to reduce the impact of any negative nakshatras in their Kundli. The expert can make no promise about changing the negative situation to a positive one, but can only suggest ways to reduce the impact of the negative influence of the stars in their life.

These predictions are made based on the calculations as per Vedic Astrology. They can also predict bad fortune and remedies to take care of the same. Life prediction by date of birth is also helpful in horoscope matching. In India, marriage is an important milestone in every person’s life. Thus matching the horoscope is a very common phenomenon observed in the length and breadth of the country. With the help of expert advice, life predictions can make a sea of difference in native’s life.

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