Libra Zodiac

September 25, 2020 Libra Zodiac

Libra Zodiac


Libra Zodiac: Date, sign and more

Element: Air

Quality: overriding

Ruling Planet: Venus

Symbol: The Scales

Psychological Need: To create peace and harmony.

Best Quality: Graciousness

Downside: Always needing admiration, indecisiveness, sentimental, variation. Traits:Peace, harmony, balance, togetherness,charisma, social decorum,authorization, generosity, anticipation, creative ability, attractiveness, fairness, and legitimacy.

Libra Sign Dates: September 21 – October 22.

About The Libra Sign
The Libra sign is overriding air. It is observant, attentive, fair-minded, fair,-sided, harmonious, charming and gracious. Libra is always competitive and rationale. Libra seeks a balance in exchange of everything whether it is marriage or business.

Due to its ruling planet that is venus Libra seeks Finesse. Libra uses politics and a cunning way to take effective solutions. Justice is everything for Libra. Ruled by Venus, Libra has creative talents and they are music lovers. Singing and dancing have a great impact on them. Libra hate long distance and want to live close to their loved ones. They never remain single and are always looking for a relationship. Due to this they may be trapped into the
wrong relationship many times.

They see both sides of the coin before making any major decision and try to make a balance between positive and negative situations. They are ambitious and dreamers. They want to make themselves and people around them happy. Libra is light and courteous, but also easily disorganised like their sign- balance.

Libra love peace and hate the people who disturb their peace. Libra does not like people who are haters and argumentative in nature.

The qualities of Libra shown by its planet: correspondence, fairness, and common sense.


The planets and ascendant of libra are as follows:

Libra Rising (Ascendant in Libra)
People with Libra rising tend to be alluring, sophisticated, charming in some manner and accommodating, engaging, hesitant, symbiotic, cordial, productive, aesthetic, harmonious, and attractive towards music as well. You seek approval of others. You need company from others and hate loneliness. You try too hard to please people around you and want to be
popular among people. But sometimes you seem self centered. You are not good at saying “No”.

You want everything in balance and do not like disharmony. You love peace and calmness. You compare every side before making any decision and you need proof to give your judgement. You love to analyze and find clues to give solutions. You enjoy debate, yet you can be very aggressive with a friendly nature. You appreciate looks more than the brain. Your positive energy attracts things automatically whatever you want in your life. You do not need to make any extra effort to have anything. Spiritual lesson to learn: Determination, in your relationships. Venus rules Venus is important in your chart as it is your ruler planet.


Sun in Libra
Libra Sun natives like to look at both the sides of the coins before getting on any conclusion. They can be very indecisive. They like to balance all the things in their life. Libra natives have an innate sense of boldness, though, and can be gracious, harmonious, helpful, romantic, affable, defenseless, deceitful, inattentive and self-centered. Libra natives are good when in relation. Their surroundings are important to them. Libra natives enjoy human interaction and they hate aloofness. They always need someone to share their problem. They have a great romantic and sensual demand and they love to be in love. Thus, they can easily get ready for marriage without thinking about the mistakes of the past.

They face difficulty in remaining emotionally stable. They seek peace and are ready to pay any price to have it. They get furious if any disharmoning things happen around them. They want appreciation from everyone they meet. Unwillingness can be one of the major problems for Libras to overcome. Sometimes they miss opportunity while judging it too long.
They need balance and get confused some time to choose which one is correct. They can be a good adviser as their decisions are not biased. They try to do all the work at once and this can cause difficulty for them. They need proper motivation to do work without it and they become lazy. One can easily sway the opinion of libra. They can give you advice but are
very bad at taking steps for themselves. You need to learn to think about yourself and your principles.

Libras are quite artistic, mentally and emotionally strong, and very communicable. On the other hand they are friendly and loyal. If you know a libra you have definitely seen him easygoing. They easily get what they want in life as they have the ability to attract things towards them. Libra people need to enjoy things without judging it too much.


Moon in Libra
If you have the Moon in Libra, you are generous, sensitive, acceptable, idealistic, buoyant, and very fond of social comfort. You are a magnanimous and loyal friend. You have power to make people feel accepted and appreciated. You possess great logical powers and the ability of judgments. You have a love of art and music and you also like to do performance. You hate loneliness and you need people around you to appreciate you and make you feel love. You avoid arguments and unpleasant discussion. You are a peace lover. You always love to be in relation. You avoid people with wrong intentions. You search for peace, harmony, and perfect balance.

You try to be liked by everyone and that sometimes causes you pain as everyone has their own opinion and you cannot demand love from all. Your desire for peace demands prices to be paid. You can be quite hesitating and faltering. You are very needy of love and affection that make you fall for others very easily. You tend to see all sides and that makes it hard for any judgement to be obtained. You try to change yourself for others to get appreciation from them. But when you don’t get what you want you feel offended. It is difficult for you to think positive without anyone’s approval. You must learn to appreciate yourself. Love yourself before loving others. Try to find something which makes you stick to one point instead of wandering around. You should stand for your principle.

Mercury in Libra
If you have Mercury in Libra, You start to see things differently . You do not judge things just by looking at one side but you listen to all the people involved in that particular situation to make any decision. You are hesitant, civil, courteous, and loyal, possessing incredible social acumen. You mingle with people of all ages. You are ambitious and somewhat separate from emotional judgement and you can be an excellent consultant, advocate, or
public relationship advisor. You want to play fair and seek silence and harmony. Your fine esthetic awareness allows you to work in creative or constructive nature. You have an alluring, analytical and balanced mind with a creative environment . You are always willing to listen to all sides of any problem. Sometimes you are not able to decide which side you want to go as you are not able to give more wattage to one side. You are very analytical in your thinking and prefer proofs to take judgement. Comparing things is something are at your best.

Venus in Libra
If you have Venus in Libra, you are absorbing, courteous, prudent, considerate, balanced, stable, peaceful, and have a strong will to please others and not to go into any arguments. You face difficulty in saying “no.” But with such behaviour, people can take advantage of you. Venus is your major planet but inplace of profiting you it is not helping at all in terms of
relation matter.

With the position of venus, You know what others want to listen to and you speak to please them.You get things so easily that you are not able to hold it as you are unaware of the value they hold. Harmony is the most important thing in your life. You never jump in controversial or argumentative subjects. People approach you to take advice to solve their issues. In marriage and also in family you want people to have the same value as you have. You are attracted to people who are loyal and prefer harmony. You appreciate well mannered and refined people and do not like people with blunt personalities. You possess some kind of magnetism in you that makes people and things attractive towards you. You may have musical or creative ability and you can be a good dancer. You search for appreciation from
people around you.

On the negative side, you may be lethargic, and you avoid tough ways as you always find a less resistant path. You can also have a very hesitant personality. You may need people and it is so hard for you to let go.


Mars in Libra
If you have Mars in Libra, you feel the opposite feeling as you felt before. You become more aggressive, adversarial, and emphatic while doing things. You may feel a strong attraction towards your opposite gender with having Mars. If Mars is well placed, then this brings fame and will power. But if Mars is placed incorrectly, then you can have an opposite reaction, it can bring critique from the public and from loved ones. You seek balance between positive and negative thoughts. Your mind never rests as you find yourself in the middle of something always.

You may feel suffocated when you have to make decisions on the basis of others thinking while you don’t want it but you did for the sake of appreciation. You always need someone to tell you what to do as you have chosen them. Your love life may give you pain as you trust easily. You seek support from others and when they do not show up you get frustrated. You
are left alone due to your trust reason but in any way you get lonely. You use common sense while making any decision and go speechless when someone takes your advantage and leaves you in misery. You are very concerned with the concept of balance in your entire life.

You may be attracted to honest judgement. You avoid bigotry and approve a balanced and pleasant approach of life. You never push yourself hard as you easily get whatever you demand. You tend to be impressive, knowledgeable, passionate and self-possessed although at times you can be very opinionated. You need to learn diplomacy and calmness while taking decisions.

Jupiter in Libra
If you have Jupiter in Libra, you tend to be rational, affectionate and friendly. You want to impress others with your work and demand appreciation in return. You have the ability to motivate people for achieving higher in life. You appreciate beautiful things and have great
interest in art and law.

On the negative side, there is danger of dissipation or exaggeration, and a desire to do something for the welfare of mankind. You want a life partner whom you can love and show all your affection. You get married easily but taking it long is something which may be hard for you. You want your marriage to be successful more than a happy life.


Saturn in Libra
If you have Saturn in Libra, you are conciliatory,courteous, and you have a calculative judgment, something which makes people trust. In matters of health you may get ill with urinary tract problems in later stages of your life. Saturn is the reason for dysfunctionality of your kidney and can cause major damages. Drinking a lot of water can help you to regulate your problem.

There is an inner voice inside you which asks for cooperation and harmony. Your marriage and finance life demand hard and disciplined work. You feel a sense of security in marriage and partnership. There is a possibility that you are going to find your life partner older or much younger than you. Because what you are seeking will take a lot of years to develop inside a person that is patient. You desire perfection and that can be a reason for delay of your marriage. If Saturn is badly oriented , then you may be cold feeted and relationships become meaningless for you. It also seems to add a burden in your life. If you are seeking someone completely like you then it could bring a great disappointment to you as it is never going to happen.

Uranus in Libra
Uranus in Libra: The Libra sign will add charisma, attraction, and bring back your romantic side with Uranus in your zodiac. But if Uranus or Venus comes together as a particular planet, situations are more likely to get problematic. Uranus in your sign wants you to become independent and stand for yourself while the Libran wants to include others. This placing of Uranus makes you a brave, social,powerful , and sensitive friend. Such traits can help you in finding a good life partner to you.

Neptune in Libra
Neptune in Libra: Neptune’s placing brings vulnerability in libra people. Confusion and hallucination can be part of it. Neptune’s presence in Libra makes them strong and powerful in comparison to most of the other planets. If Neptune is not a dearest planet, and if Libra is not extrusive then you are not in any problem. Neptune brings kindness and sensitivity in

Pluto in Libra
Pluto in Libra: If positively placed no issue but in case if the orientation is negative then people with this sign may feel sex life issues. Sense of jealousy and possessiveness can also be seen in the placement of pluto. They can feel major change in sex life with the placement of other planets as well.
Important lesson: Do not prejudge, Need to drink water(best for your health), avoid caffeine, physical exercise.

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