Leo Zodiac

September 25, 2020 Leo Zodiac

Leo Zodiac

Leo Zodiac: Date, Sign and more

Element: Fire

Quality: Passionate

Ruling Planet: Sun

Symbol: The Lion

Psychological Need: Construct and express yourself

Best Quality: Kindness and generosity

Downside:Supremacy, aloofness, absolutism, Inhumanity, bossy, arrogance, extravagant, outrageous

Traits: tenderness, glorification, bounty, devotion, respectability, directorship, brilliant, continuity, mastery, passion, competency

Leo Sign Dates: July 21 – August 22

About Leo Zodiac Sign
The Leo sign represents fire. It is dynamic, irresistible, thoughtful, and violent. It expresses strong and fierce love. Leo has a tendency to make decisions by heart. Lion is the symbol of Leo and just like it, Leo is dominating, courageous, gallant, and fiery, sometimes selfishly proclaiming his dominance. Leo is a dutiful friend and an imperial enemy.

The main need for the Leo sign is to establish genuine self care, be expressive to the world, and take pride of its achievement. The Leo sign has an enormous amount of creative energy as the Sun is the ruler of the sign of Leo.

Qualities of leo expressed by the planets: false pride, a sense of dominance (supremacy), and overacting.

What planets of leo say:

Leo Rising (Ascendant in Leo)
People with Leo rising tend to be benevolent, self proud, intuitive, expressive, extrovert, arrogant, self-absorbed, daring, sentimental, confident, over acting, and want to glow and be successful wherever they go. They have a tendency to rule and are great leaders. You like to take risks and prove others. One can easily hurt you by judging your pride. This makes you furious.

You are very brave and supportive in terms of responsibility. You want to achieve things that will make people proud. You care about your loved ones and demand the same in return.

You are ill tempered but your loved ones always cool you down. You are a faithful friend and do everything needed to be done to protect your family. You live like a king, that is the reason your sign is a lion. You love royalty and show off. You do things which pay you back to maintain your dominance.

You have a sense of melodrama and you want to be the centre of attention. Your pride and dignity is everything to you. You like people who are achievers. You want to get involved in a relationship which you can be proud of. You don’t take others shit and if anything is said on your ambition, you are likely to lose your temper.

Your actions speak louder than your words. Everybody around you knows this fact. No one wants to challenge you because they know if you decide something no one can stop you. You enjoy physical activities and remain fit and fine.

You may experience a heart break in your life several times. You have trust issues and you try to choose your partner carefully. You do things to get the attention of your partner and you want them to appreciate you. You are so passionate and hard working that you cannot accept any failures.

lesson to learn: Passiveness. The Sun will be important in your chart.

Sun in Leo
Sun in Leo natives makes them magnificent, adventurous, warmhearted, authoritative, lavish, cheerful, hopeful ,determined, loyal, and benevolent. They can be demanding, biased ,domineering, careless, obstinate, and self-absorbed. They choose to work in the field of leadership.

They seem like a lion but they have a soft heart. They can be easily hurt by arguments and questioning. They enjoy show off and tell everything with over acting. They describe every tail as they are the only one who knows things. People get offended by such behaviour.

Leo has a great power of self care. They do regular exercise and eat healthy food. They are responsible people and show their affection when needed. They always try to find someone to blame for their own mistakes.

They also show mean behaviour in terms of competition. They take every argument seriously and never want to lose any. When it comes to money, they are not at all good in keeping money as they want a royal life. Royal life comes at the cost of great money.

Leo’s are benevolent, happy, hopeful people who can be a loyal friend who brings happiness in others’ lives. They show generosity sometimes.

They hate sickness and always find a way to escape from diseases. They can go into depression if something does not go well but their innate nature brings them back to sun shine.

They always want appreciation and acceptance but not good in giving them. These may be the reason behind the failure of many relations. You need to control your emotions and learn to appreciate others as you want it for yourself.

Moon in Leo
If you have the Moon in Leo, you are warm – hearted, reasonable, and loving. You become more loyal to your family, friends and loved ones. You want to be adored by people around you. You want to live a royal life. You cannot love someone if you are not proud of them. People have to gain your respect to have you in their lives. Your own pride is very important for you, you never let yourself down. You become sad and disheartened when you feel ignored. You are soft hearted and emotional as well.

You are famous, kind, magnificent, honest,loyal and determined. You have a stubborn and permeating mind with directorship and creative ability. You always over-act while you are expressing your feelings and you like to act as a victim to get attention. On the other side, you may be egoistic, arrogant and extravagant. You are brave and make your decision on your own.

Mercury in Leo
If you have Mercury in Leo, you have a strong and fixed opinion and you show your emotions thoughtfully and energetically. You have genuine feelings. You can be a soft, perceiving and humorous speaker. You know how to express yourself dramatically and that makes you a good story teller. Misrepresentation plays a key role in all your tales and arguments. You know how to put on a good presentation to your audiences.

You have a great power of expressing yourself. With your expressing skills , you can be a teacher and a professor in future. You are full of creative ideas and you are bold in taking decisions. You feel prideful after every achievement and try to teach everybody the same. You have a royal choice and you want to live like a king and queen. You also have false pride, stubbornness, tolerance and need appreciation in life. You show off as much and as specific that you can express your thoughts very naturally. You are so proud of your own work that you never listen to others.

You can be a great leader, principle, mentor, director, or trainer. You are your great admirer.

Venus in Leo
With the Venus in Leo sign, you are enthusiastic, instinctive, passionate, sympathetic, sensitive, emotional, loyal and reasonable. You hate silliness and penuriousness in your partner. You seek someone who is heroic in nature, whom you can feel proud of. You crave affection, acknowledgment, and attention from others and want to become the center of attention. In every relation you want your partner to make you feel special.

You enjoy drama, romantic plays, expressive nature and over emotion. You play the role of victim by showing emotions. You are wise, blunt, charming, loving, warmhearted, and devilish in nature. You want to be loved. You have a very high expectation and that leaves you in misery.

You have a tendency to get fitter, you never let your body get out of style. You buy expensive things to fulfill your royalty. You need to control your over reacting manner and start understanding the perspective of others. You need to control your behaviour of playing victim. Because it is not going to profit you always. People get irritated with such nature and never want to talk about anything to you. You need to respect your partner whether they are achiever or not. Make them feel easy and safe. Admire them for whatever they are.

Mars in Leo
If you have Mars in the sign of Leo, you feel more egoistic and proud than you have ever felt before. You want to stand out of the crowd and to feel proud. You never want to become second and do everything to be the one. Your sign of the lion tells more about you that you are the king of your world. You love to be noticed and fancy things in your life. You brought
expensive gifts and let your money go out of your hand. You create drama to become the centre of any communication. You do not want to be wrong and if anybody tries to make you feel that you get very offensive.

You are violent, fierce, aggressive , creative, decisive, and competitive. You work hard, you love to win, and never give up easily. You have a strong sense of honor and you love applause.

You tend to be fearless and have strong will-power. But whenever you find your confidence is shaking, you become very defensive.

You tend to be exuberant, hasty, energetic, and enthusiastic. You say what you exactly feel and never afraid of raising your voice against wrong.

But you become arrogant with time and try to control others. You love fitness and you want everyone to listen to you and do the same. Due to this reason most people avoid you. You have to learn disciplined action. You should learn to admire others as well.

Jupiter in Leo
With Jupiter in the Leo sign, you are helpful, benevolent, wise and creative. You try to join such a farm where you can show your creativity and leadership. You have organizing activities and you love to play the role of superiority. You want directorship and find your educational background accordingly. You want everyone to follow and listen to you. You have abundance of knowledge, energy and a strong will power.

You are born to uplift society and you have that power so use it wisely. You sometimes act cruel when people do not listen to you. You never care about money and want to live a luxurious life. Wanting sometime is good but you need to take care of your finances.You may lose all your money if you waste it continuously. You should start investing and saving your money for future purposes.

Saturn in Leo
If you have Saturn in Leo, you have diplomatic, constructive, governing, and ruling ability along with a strong will power. You are self-centred, artistic, and highly efficient. With Saturn you are becoming unromantic. You don’t want romance as much as you want respect. When it comes to love life you play victim and try to get all the emotional affection. You want
your partner to make you feel love and special. You want a dutiful, loyal and reasonable partner. You never sacrifice your happiness for others but want others to do that for you. You treat your love life as business and want to be dominant. You want everyone to appreciate you even if you have done a small thing.

You think materialistic and expensive things can make you happy. So you buy expensive gifts for your loved ones to make them special while they need support. On the negative side, you can be ill-tempered and never want anyone to judge you. Your behaviour can cause heartbreak and sadness for you and your loved ones.

Uranus in Leo
With the Uranus in Leo, you may feel increased energy and recklessness. Your stubbornness can be problematic for the future. You may feel a boost in Self-confidence and will power. You are energetic to achieve your dreams and do everything to remain in power. Your leadership nature gets enhanced with the placement of Uranus. If used properly you can rule the world. Your sign with the king shows how strong you are and placement of
uranus is continuously enhancing it. These also feel enhanced creative and artistic nature and want to work in the field of art and music.

Neptune in Leo
If Neptune is present in Leo sign, You show a high level of creativity.

Pluto in Leo
With Pluto in Leo, You are more powerful, energetic and enthusiastic. You can feel enhanced leadership quality.

Things To remember: Utilize your power wisely and think as king. Include everyone in decisions and take advice more often.

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