How to find the best career astrologers in India

September 29, 2020 How to find the best career astrologers in India

How to find the best career astrologers in India

Making a career decision is a landmark decision in life. A wrong move and the entire life may get spoiled. We live in the internet's age and technology has further opened the path to making diverse career decisions. This can confuse the tender mind of the youth. They need the right guidance and direction so that the correct career option is chosen as per their talent and skills. Seeking help from a career astrologer is also a wise choice, as the expert can offer the best guidance based on the individual’s birth chart. They base astrological predictions on the movement of the celestial bodies in the universe. The predictions can be nearly accurate and aid in helping the native make the right career choice.

How can astrology influence career choice?

Astrology is the graphical representation of the planets and stars present in the 12 houses of the birth chart. The presence of nakshatras can help the expert make certain predictions related to the profession and career of the natives. 

  • Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are the impactful planets that can influence education, interests, and professions in the birth chart. The experts can acquaint the natives with the varied effects that the planets can have in their life as far as career selection is concerned. The position of the planet in the birth chart will also show the level of success a professional can help the individual attain. Based on such facts, the natives can make the correct decision.
  • The experts will acquaint the natives with the beneficial and malefic influence of the planets present in their birth chart. The experts may also suggest remedies to the natives to negate the destructive influence that any planet can cause in the professional journey of their life. With the help of online services, the natives can chat or talk to the astrologer to get answers for their queries. 
  • Information related to it shows profession and career in the second, sixth, and tenth house of the horoscopes. This is the general perception, but the expert can provide a magnified view and opinion about each native. Online astrologer services are in high demand and Vedicguruji is a perfect choice for the users.

Impact and influence that different planets have in career/profession in a native’s horoscope 

  • Sun and Career

Sun is a powerful element in a horoscope that also marks authority, leadership qualities, and dominance in one’s horoscope. We believe a person having a strong Sun influence in the horoscope to have a bright career and gain influential/prestigious positions in government and private sector.

  • Moon and Career

With the powerful influence of Moon in one’s horoscope, chances are that the individual will have a bright career in diverse fields. Employment in the segment of journalism, creative fields, textile, music, or fine arts can be expected.

  • The influence of Mars in Career

People's defence forces. Mars shows action and initiative. People can also excel in the construction, real estate, and medicine and hospitality industry.

  • Mercury and Career

Wea powerful influence of Mercury in their horoscope can show growth in accounting, marketing and communication. Internet and digital marketing careers can also blossom.

  • Jupiter and Career

It is considered being the planet of growth and expansion in life. The natives who have a powerful influence of Jupiter in their birth chart can have great career prospects in astrology, finance, and law. They also are religious-minded and hence can show an interest in becoming priests or scholars. Such natives also show the tendency of being skilled teachers. Jupiter is a guru and knowledge equates wisdom.

  • Venus and Career

The planet rules beauty, entertainment, and sex. Hence, people having a powerful influence of Venus in their horoscope will show interest in beauty, art, luxuries, and entertainment. Professions related to glamour and sex also attract the attention of such individuals. Tour and tourism-related career growth can also be expected. An astrologer near me can be of immense aid in helping me make right career decisions in life. 

  • Saturn’s influence in Career

We consider Saturn the planet of karma, hard work, and obstruction. Careers related to construction, physical labour, real estate, garden work, agriculture fall in this category. Career-growth solutions can be expected by the experts and a proper guidance can help the native make a wiser profession-related decision in life. 

  • Rahu-Ketu impact on Career

Rahu is a mysterious planet that is believed to bring malefic influence in one’s horoscope. Such people may even think differently. It is a materialistic planet and attracts careers like medicine, drugs, researchers, speculators, waste material dealers, etc. People having a negative impact of the planet in their birth chart can also exhibit tendencies of becoming thieves or cheaters.

Ketu a powerful influence of Ketu in their birth chart can become successful in the segment of computers, religion, healing, medicine, occult, detective, foreign language experts, etc. 

Seeking astrological guidance in career-making is a superb choice. It can help the natives make the right career choices as per the beneficial planets ruling their birth charts. Also, the natives can make amendments in their decisions owing to the remedial solutions provided by the experts. Hardships and obstruction can be faced with a strong will-power, and if the person gets a guiding start by his/her side, then the path to success gets simpler.

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