Gomed Hessonite Gemstone Benefits

November 21, 2020 Gomed Hessonite Gemstone Benefits

Gomed Hessonite Gemstone Benefits

Gomed Hessonite Gemstone Benefits – The gemstone neutralizes the evil effect of Vedic planet Rahu and protects the wearer from the negative vibes & energies. It calms the mind of the wearer and relieves him/her from depression, deep seated anxieties and mental problems. It helps in clearing the confusion that natives with Rahu doshas face. Gomed stone also helps in bringing in confidence, stability as well as positive energy into their lives. Gomed should be mounted/embedded in SILVER ring and worn in center finger of working hand. Gomed must touch your fingure skin. Dip the ring into gangajal/cow milk/fresh water at least 10 min before wearing.  A good quality hessonite stone gemstone starts giving results at least after 10-15 days of wearing. It may start giving minor results during this period also.

Gomed Stone Powers and Benefits

The stone is filled with the energies of planet Rahu. It is also known as “Gomedak” in Sanskrit. Hessonite stone is a type of garner which is used to strengthen Rahu. This brownish — Orange gemstone is very beneficial due to supernatural reasons. This gemstone is related to astrology. It hold the powers to cure diseases. Wearing a GOMED Stone at the time of Mahadasha or Antardasha of RAHU which is caused by shifting of this planet from one house to another helps to get rid of the problems and miseries caused by this planet RAHU. Hessonite can also be worn by the people’s born in the month of January. It always benefits the people who wear it.

The Gomed gemstone is a powerful gemstone according to Vedic mythology. It has many beneficial effects on emotional, physical, and psychological level in humans. Gomed is a healer of Sarpa Dosha which is curse of snakes. This Dosha affects health and wealth of a being and Gomed if is suitable for him then it cuts the effect of Sarpa Dosha. It sometimes does miraculous effects on human’s lives. It also provides mental relief and stability. Rahu periods usually alters with confidence and health of humans and Gomed stone cuts this alteration and provides relief from all confusion. Wearing this gemstone also helps in getting rid of alcohol and smoking habits. It can even fix relationship issues. There are certain diseases which are incurable, are caused due to bad shadows of Rahu. If the Gemstone Gomed is suited to the individual’s Graha’s it brings in relief and cures to many complicated diseases.

Gomed Ring Benefits

Those people who wear gomed Gemstone rings do not have fear complexes and are blessed with the self-confidence and the courage to take over any difficult thing. It removes evil effects of black magic. Gomed stone also helps to flourish political careers and blesses with power, influence, health, wealth and success. It helps to win hearts of enemies and ensures victory. It makes mental condition stable and removes stress from the mind.

Health Benefits of Gomed

Rahu Stone Benefits – The stone is very beneficial for those suffering from skin diseases, piles, eye infection, nose infection, weird allergies, insomnia, cancer, gastric ailments etc. Hessonite always brings prosperity in the lives of its possessor. It is an extremely powerful gemstone so it should be worn only in specific conditions and only after consulting an astrologer. You can consult our astrologers before wearing the gemstone.

Who Can Wear Hessonite Stone?

The stone should be worn by all those people with an Aquarius Zodiac sign or who have trouble of Rahu. Mainly the experts ask people to wear the gemstone by date of birth and also if there is a presence of the malefic planet in their horoscope chart. That means, if “Rahu” is present in the 12th, 18th, or 6th houses of a birth chart, then this stone is beneficial for the user. However, do not forget to refer to a professional astrologer before you resort to the usage of this stone.

The stone boosts the level of concentration, improves health and brings about mental peace. According to the experts, the combination of Gomed and cat's eye gemstones are an exceptional blend in astrology. Although the ruling planets of both these stones are different, which are Rahu and Ketu, yet the combination brings more beneficial results than wearing any one of them. 

This works out perfectly for those who are under the malefic “Dasha” of both the ruling planets. In many cases, this combination makes the life of many people more luxurious by increasing both wealth and health.


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