Cancer Zodiac

September 25, 2020 Cancer Zodiac

Cancer Zodiac

Cancer Zodiac: Date, sign and more

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Moon

Symbol: Crab

Psychological Need: Constant support and Encouragement.

Best Quality: Perseverance.

Traits: Social, affinity, consciousness, mastery, tenacity, productiveness, fostering, subsistence, affectionate.

Downside: impatience, bashfulness, caddishness, disquietude, disinclination, cliff-hanging, sugary.

Dates: June 21 – July 22.

The Cancer Sign

The Cancer sign is water just like Scorpio and Pisces. They are sentimental in nature and driven by emotions. Their emotional nature makes them harder to fit with the world around them. Cancer people are assertive, self-starters, and “go-getter.” These qualities make them a good businessman. Just like water they are intuitive,exciting, and nurturing. They show a good quality of homemaker.

They are sensitive by birth and their main purpose is to make family and have domestic life. They get stuck with the past due to their emotional nature. They are happy to help others and never get into conflicts. They have the ability to differentiate between good and bad. They are family oriented and do every-thing for their welfare. Generally they are very caring, protective and helpful. Their nurturing nature makes them a great person.

The planet in Cancer is embedded with these qualities :excitement, tumult, ado, care, protectiveness, emotion, moodiness, sensitivity, and self-care.

What planets tells about Cancer Sign:

Cancer Rising People with the Cancer sign rising tend to be affectionate, warmhearted,
indifferent,nourishment, hospitable, watchful, absorptive,volatile, metaphysical, affectionate, cohesive, timid, peaceful, responsive, acquisitive, and sulky. Cancer represents crab and just like it you focus ahead as well as behind. You never get rid of your past easily. You always remain curious in life.

You are sensitive and emotional in nature. You can be the most challenging zodiac in the whole zodiac sign. You try to control your feelings because you get hurt easily. You enjoy travelling while knowing your home is waiting for you. You need security in everything in your life. You have sentimental value for every possession you have. You try to keep every person in your life as you attach your sentiments with them.

You never let things go easily off hands, once you hook on something. You respond to the world emotionally not mentally. You face mood swings throughout your life just because of emotional disbalance. Spiritual lesson to learn: shrewdness( differentiate boundaries). The Moon is the ruler of your zodiac, so it will play a major role in your natal chart.

Sun in Cancer
Cancer Sun natives have a strange way of living their life. It seems they are taking a straight path but a side way to go anywhere or to deal with any problem. They are not straight forward at all. Their mood swings are sometimes difficult for others to cope with.

Cancer natives are determined, sensitive, conscientious, sociable, prudent, and protective. They can also be antagonistic,delicate, sentimental, gushy, spontaneous, mystic, and nationalistic.

Family is their priority and they do everything to keep it safe. They always love others and have so many expectations with them, which sometimes cause heart break. You can love someone but cannot control their lives. If you continuously interfere in others’ lives, you will lose them by the time you even realise this. You must learn to set your loved ones free to take decisions of their lives.

Your mood swings are like high tides. Due to which you lose interest so easily in every activity. You get easily demotivated and don’t care about your health at all. You are less active and very slow in life which cause obesity and mental problems. Although you nourish your mental health with help of friends yet you suffer a lot when it comes to physical health.
Weight gain could become a major problem in your life.

You have a great memory power which causes you to be stuck with past experiences. Most of which are glumpy memories which cause you pain throughout your life. You keep them and think they are a lesson to go onwards.

Cancer people are very fond of their family, adventurous, hard working and do anything to keep their home safe and healthy. They are determined as well as emotionally sick. You are a fun lover and travel often but you have one thing, one root that you come back after every flight of your life.

Cancer natives are traditional and luckily born worriers. They are very mysterious in nature and never let anyone find their problems. Due to their hiding tendency some of them suffer critical illness. You are not at all conscious of what gift future may give you as you are continuously thinking about your past. Let every emotion of you out and breadth in and out. You don’t have to take responsibility for everyone. You should learn to live in this moment. Direct your energies in loving yourself. What are you expecting of ? Give yourself what you need and love yourself first. Emotion is something you have to take good care of.

Moon in Cancer
If you have the Moon in Cancer, making you more emotional than you already are. You are filled with replenishment when the moon is there. This can be the reason that you easily become dismal, annoyed and erratic. Your mood swings might be very problematic for you which demand great work. You have so many people in your life whom you give love and care. Your affection is a great thing but you have to remember everyone will not appreciate it, so you need to control your energies.

You seem over demanding to others due to your expectation and it leaves you in misery. You don’t judge people and don’t like to be judged. You just need to wait for a true partner who is going to appreciate your emotions and take all your ups and downs. You are not very expressive when it comes to anger. Even it took years for you to talk about the wrong deeds of others. You always forgive people for their wrong words and action but you never forget anything.

You are also very sympathetic and understand the unspoken feelings and needs of others. You may forgive a mistake by your loved one, you never forget it. Your long lasting memories carry each and every thought. People are meant to come and go, don’t let their deeds change you. You want a long lasting relation due to a sense of security and want to have a family. You don’t like loneliness and you never treat people badly.

You never give up on your relations no matter what it takes and some people seek to take advantage of this. Moon in Cancer indicates you are introverted and you never let your problems take you away from people you love.

With time your emotions are going to turn into possessiveness. Which will become more problematic in future. You need to exercise your feelings and leave the bad memory behind as they are not going to give anything.

You have to understand the fact that nothing is permanent, learn to forget and forgive. Meditate more often to keep yourself calm and away from illness.

Mercury in Cancer
If you have Mercury in Cancer, You are connecting yourself with the past. You are highly interested in inherent,instinctive, and intimate issues, and your decision is based more on personal experiences rather than reason or logic. Mental abilities and accomplishments without emotions mean little to you. You are a good listener so people tend to reach you for their personal problems. You are highly interested in academics. You also have great desire in art, poetry and music.

Cancer people are introverted and shy. You never speak up in public and you share your thoughts only with people you love and trust. You keep a journal of your life with you and read it again and again mostly. This is something which sharpens your past memories. Your emotional nature makes you sad for the problems of others. You get involved with the problem your loved ones are facing and never try to understand the root cause of it. People easily make fools of you if you let them. You change your opinion by listening to every person you encounter and that makes it difficult for you to make any decision. You need to develop focus and control emotions, otherwise you are going to hurt yourself continuously.

Venus in Cancer
If you have Venus in Cancer, you are calm, glumpy, sentimental, intuitive, sensual, and amorous and you are in depth of love with your loved ones. yo Remembering and celebrating every important day such as birthdays, family rituals are very important to you. You want a partner who is honest and caring. You will surely have an emotional love affair. You are not good at expressing your feelings though. You want peace and relaxation in your
life. Your home plays a very important role in your life.

You may be adventurous but you live a calm life mostly. Your emotions sometimes bring problems to others as you are hard to understand. Your feeling of insecurity and possessiveness cover all your love and leave you sick. You destroy your relationship based on past experiences. Due to emotional trauma you carve food. Food work as medicine to you to forget what’s happening. This habit causes problems such as obesity and ulcer
sometimes. You may get this emotion and affection from your mother. You want attention throughout your life. You want to become a caretaker of everyone. You need to look for yourself first. Learn to love yourself before loving others. Physical exercise is highly recommended.

Mars in Cancer
If you have Mars in Cancer, Teach you how to avoid conflict. You never get into any such conversation which leads to argument later. You take a sideway method to solve any problem and never talk directly about the real issues. Confrontations with others make you uncomfortable and you leave such people and gatherings immediately. You cannot take a bold decision in your life, always based on others opinion and happiness.

Emotional satisfaction is greater for you than achievements. You never get into any argumentative conversation unless it is of your family and loved ones, but you take every possible way to protect them from any harm or misdeeds. They are the only one who can ignite your inner fire. You have done great sacrifices in the past to keep your family and loved ones happy. Your care for them shows your emotional strength. Although you are a peace lover yet you fought battles for every people you care about. You are so sensitive by birth that you are unable to handle harsh speech and start avoiding competitive situations. Your mood swings and unspoken demands make it difficult for people around you.

They get frustrated by your behaviour and leave you several times. You stress yourself easily and your energy level depends on emotional things of your life. Change in emotion changes your thinking about life. You get depressed easily and avoid work in such condition. Your changing behaviour can be the reason for discomfort you feel with many people. Avoid food in emotional break down as it is going to create bigger problems.

You are assiduous,thoughtful,affectionate, moody,preventive,relentless,
intuitive,spontaneous,introvert, rooted, habitual, accustomed and warm bodied. Emotional strength is important to your welfare and prosperity.

Jupiter in Cancer
Jupiter in Cancer natives makes you caring, loving, sympathetic, harmonious, social and probably very faithful. Jupiter helps you in enhancing your imaginative skills and pushes you towards your dream.You may feel some magical things. Jupiter in Cancer natives makes you a responsible person, helps in taking financial judgements. Hence you are able to learn and earn money. Your parents are going to play a major role in building your strength.

You become more obess in life as your lifestyle changes. You are always a food lover and having varieties later in life can become the reason for being overweight. You will embrace your full potential in middle or later in life. But your shoulder is cracking due to the loads of past memories. You are not able to enjoy the present if you can’t leave it behind. Try to live in today not in the past or future. Carrying your memories and possessions is not at all

Saturn in Cancer
If you have Saturn in Cancer, Makes you worried about protection and preservation of your loved ones. Your home is everything for you. Your feeling of inadequacy of love in the past is making you emotionally weak. You are sensitive and fearful to let people go out of your life. You want to give the love you have never received in your life. But you always live in
insecurity because of your past experience. Mother inside you try to protect your family and you take all their decisions in life.

Your control over emotional behaviour makes them feel uneasy and they try to avoid you. You feel disheartened by the steps your loved ones make without asking. Emotional breakthrough is the saddest part of your life and this is something that you have to conquer. You may be a well disciplined parent but let your children live their lives accordingly. You cannot make someone respect you and desiring it every time can be problematic only for
you. Your past experience also restricts you to involve in any emotional relationship. Your fear of heart- break and left alone is playing a mind game with you.

You need to dig deep to reach any conclusion as just looking at the superficial things ruin your peace. You may be in relations where people are constantly hurting you but you never leave them just because of your emotional satisfaction. Hurting others is not good but you have to take steps for you. Do let anyone treat you like nothing. Don’t let anyone take advantage of your kindness. Your tendency of craving for food can be another major problem. You may get illness related with digestion in mid or later stage of life.

Try to avoid unhealthy food. You need to curb the demand of carbs and feel your tummy with some healthy and nutritional food. You may also feel attached with materialistic things later in life and it gives you a sense of security. Physical and mental exercise is what you all need to do.

Uranus in Cancer
Uranus in Cancer native is the main reason for mood swings. If you have Uranus in Cancer, Your expectations grow higher with everyone around you. Uranus is a bitter , impassive planet, always demanding reasonable, straight forward action, while Cancer is filled with sensitivity and emotions. If Uranus is a single planet, Cancer people are more vulnerable to headache and tension. They can feel a constant pressure.

Uranus placing also makes you imaginative and creative. Let your opposite traits complement each other instead of contradiction. If you want to know more about yourself and how to tackle your problems, leave your comments below. You can also contact us with facebook, instagram, twitter and whats up. Leave you contact details and we will be happy to
serve you.

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