Can my moon sign keep me safe during this pandemic- COVID-19?

September 25, 2020 Can my moon sign keep me safe during this pandemic- COVID-19?

Can my moon sign keep me safe during this pandemic- COVID-19?

  • Can my moon sign keep me safe during this pandemic- COVID-19?
  • Every 100 years the environment goes through a self-healing system that costs the lives of thousands of people. In the year 1918, the environment had shut its doors to the world with Influenza Pandemic caused by an H1N1 virus. It had cost the lives of 50 million people worldwide.
  •  At times the price that we pay for a mistake is much heavier than the mistake itself. And, the cost keeps increasing if we forget the lessons of life. Today the environment has again closed its doors to the people with yet another Pandemic called COCID-19 commonly known as CORONA. As per statistics, it has already affected 35, 65,310 people worldwide with 2,48,256 deaths still counting.
  • This time the environment has sent a message with the Pandemic CORONA. The literary meaning of CORONA in Bengali is “DO NOT DO” This virus is extremely contagious; it affects the respiratory system of human beings leading to pneumonia. 
  • The whole world has locked themselves up, because the only way to avoid this virus is by living in isolation. The government worldwide is encouraging people to practice social distancing. As a result, there are no cars on the roads, the shops are closed, and the educational institutions, private organizations, and government sectors have been working from home. The world has already started the process of self-healing. The effects of this can be seen in the climate. The weather has changed; the animals can be seen rejoicing on the roads, the sky is clearing up. Can my moon sign keep me safe during this pandemic- COVID-19?
  •  But the biggest question is will we be living to see the other side of the grass which is greener? How long….? The temples have closed their doors due to social distancing and people are in constant fear, they might not live long enough to experience a better world. There are many contradictory statements on the concept of God and our belief system. But, it is a proven fact that astrology is science. Thousands of people have been following astrology and have been benefitted by it. 
  • Life is uncertain and so are the times today. Whenever, people fall into situations beyond their control they rely on predictions. Many people who believe in astrology must be wondering “Can my moon sign keep me safe during this pandemic?” The moon has its effects on the environment. Similar to high and low tide taking place in rivers and oceans, the water balance of our body changes with the effects of the moon. It has its impacts on the astrological profile of us, human beings. Can my moon sign keep me safe during this pandemic- COVID-19?
  • The moon sign is calculated analyzing the planetary positions, and position of the moon which was at the time of your birth. It is the mirror reflection of our inner world. The moon is closer to the earth compared to the sun. It is associated closely with feminine energy. And therefore, it can reveal our mother nature and tell us about our comfort zone and sense of security. The fear of death caused by this pandemic COVID-19 has shaken the world. Our deep-rooted insecurities are surfacing. According to astrology, the moon is represented as the instinctual self. It helps to reveal what is going on inside a person’s mind. People have instincts that they rely on, when there is no logical explanation or solution to a crisis.
  • There are times when a person feels uncomfortable. Excessive stress can break a person down in times of crises like this. The moon helps us fall back and rely on it in difficult times and help us restore our emotional senses making us feel confident and relaxed. It also gives us an overview of the thoughts of our loved ones. The moon sign can also give us knowledge about our personal lives which is greatly being affected due to this pandemic. The virus has been affecting the immune system of our body. There are high-risk factors if the immunity goes down. And, the immunity is affected by our health which is connected to our minds. Therefore we can say that yes the moon sign can predict our life span and more than that it can predict the quality of life we would be living based on our astrological chart.
  • According to the moon sign the inner self differs from person to person.
  • Aries Moon – People under the Aeries Moon often need autonomy. They challenge life and are fast in their actions. They are people full of life. They are attention seekers. They reach out to the world and are ready to face challenges. But, at times of crisis, they want to be pampered.
  • Taurus Moon – People under the Taurus Moon crave for stability and comfort. Affection and beauty help them in building lasting relationships. They expect a return whenever they are investing themselves emotionally somewhere. Crisis makes them cautious.
  • Gemini Moon – People under the Gemini Moon need to be communicated constantly in times of crisis to make them feel secure. They are drawn to people who can act as a reflection of their minds.
  • Cancer Moon – People under the Cancer Moon need nurturing and safety. They are more inclined towards their families in times of crisis. They require a lot of reassurance. Insecurity can lead to a fear of being left alone in them.
  • Leo Moon – People under the Leo Moon are playful creatures. They need glamour, entertainment and a lot of affection to feel secure during crisis. They are expressive and need to be around people with whom they can share life.
  • Virgo Moon People under the Virgo Moon are systematic. They hate chaos. They are a problem- solver but crises can make them anxious. They need to be hold, comforted and pepped at times when they are low.
  • Libra Moon – People under the Libra Moon need harmony when they are in crisis. They are attracted through beauty and companionship. They avoid conflicts and crave a peaceful environment during a crisis.
  • Scorpio Moon – People under the Scorpio Moon need privacy. They are introverts mostly and keep their problems to themselves. They are loyal creatures and need to be among their loved ones in difficult times.
  • Sagittarius Moon – People under the Sagittarius moon are social creatures who like to go around. Settling at a place can bore them down. Living in isolation is very painful for them and they need to keep themselves entertained to keep their spirits high in crisis.
  • Capricorn Moon – People under the Capricorn Moon crave solitude. They need time to recover. A crisis can lead them to depression. They should avoid distancing themselves from their loved ones when they are under emotional stress and suffering from anxiety.
  • Aquarius Moon – People under the Aquarius Moon need to be around friends during a crisis. They are rebellious souls who crave independence and do not believe in compromising. They need a lot of freedom to be at peace with them.
  • Pisces Moon – People under the Pisces Moon need a creative outlet to escape a crisis. They need compassion to feel secure. They can turn into healers when they are experiencing difficult situations. They are drawn towards people who are sensual and have a spiritual inclination.
  • Every individual comes with different human traits If our minds are in our control than defending a virus is not a big deal for us. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body leading to a good immune system. This helps us fight these viruses. It is very important to keep ourselves sane in times of crisis because some situations can only change with time. So, it’s important to believe in ourselves and have patience. The moon sign helps us identify our souls so that we can take measures and do things that keep us healthy, happy, and safe increasing the chances of leading a self-contended long life.

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