Benefits of Lehsuniya Cat's Eye Gemstone

November 7, 2020 Benefits of Lehsuniya Cat's Eye Gemstone

Benefits of Lehsuniya Cat's Eye Gemstone

We all aware of the impact of gemstones and hence often wear these precious gemstones as rings, bracelets, or pendants in our body. Gemstones are recommended by astrologers and gemologists to their clients as per their birth chart. This blog post is dedicated to discuss the benefits of Cat’s Eye or Lehsuniya.

What is Cat’s Eye (Lehsuniya)?

Cat’s Eye gemstone is mostly found in milky white and is a popular gemstone that is prescribed to be worn by the experts to their clients to ward off evil spirits and evil eyes. The stone is also found in yellowish green, green, black, and honey colour. Other names for the gemstone are Lehsuniya, Chrysoberyl, and Vaiduria.

It is also considered to be a great gemstone that can help the native to fight deadly diseases like cancer and other life threatening diseases.  The finest quality Cat’s Eye is Chrysoberyl. The green-coloured Chrysoberyl was first produced in Sri Lanka in size 5.6*4 millimeter.

It represents the planet named Ketu. It exhibits impact upon the wearer in a swift manner. It nullifies the evil effects of Ketu on a person’s life. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the gemstone.

How do you access the quality of Cat’s Eye?

·         It has good clarity

·         The movement of the stone is smooth

·         It bisects the cabochon

·         The colour of the body of the stone is in deep contrast to the colour of the stone

If the gemstone exhibits the above-mentioned characteristics and has a nice colour, then the stone is high in quality.

Where can one find Cat’s Eye?

These gems will rarely be seen in mass production or in jewellery stores. The stone of the gem is cut from a rough stone. The stone should be studied properly before it is cut to learn about its orientation. The designer will cut or customize the shape as per the requirement of the clients. These gems are rarely found in calibrated sizes.

Tiger’s Eye is the only Cat’s Eye that is found in mass production. It is found in men’s cufflinks, rings, and in beads. Chrysoberyl is found in jewellery shops and large size of the gem is expensive.

What are the benefits of wearing Cat’s Eye?

Here are a few benefits of Cat’s Eye:

·         It is a stone that can help the wearer to fight with obstacles in life and come out as a winner.

·         It also helps the native to accommodate success and comforts in life by bring wealth and luck to them.

·         Often people feel that they have been affected by evil eye of someone. This gemstone can help the wearer to ward off the negative impact of an evil eye.

·         It has healing properties and is considered to be auspicious to wear if the person is experiencing life-threatening disease like Cancer. Diseases related to stomach, heart, and mind can also heal by wearing the stone.

·         The wearer can deal with challenges in life with a positive attitude and the development of this streak in the personality can help them take right decisions in life. It creates emotional balance in the life of the wearer.

·         It can strengthen the memory of the wearer.

·         People experiencing or suffering with Ketu Dasha in their life are told by experts to wear the gemstone so that the ill-impact of the dasha can be reduced. It is said that Ketu Dasha is one of the longest dashas (18 years).

·         Mental wellness can be achieved with the gemstone. Depression is one of the most common problems faced by the people in the recent times and Cat’s Eye can successfully help the wearer to deal with such issues.

·         Appetite can be increased with the stone and problems like anorexia can be kept at bay.

·         Mishaps can be prevented.

It is important that the wearer should consult an expert before wearing such stones. Vedic Guruji has a team of accomplished astrologers, gemologists, Vaastu experts, and numerologists who can provide the best assistance to the clients. They can give the best guidance about the best-suited size of Cat’s Eye to their clients.

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