2020 Prediction As per Numerology

September 26, 2020 2020 Prediction As per Numerology

2020 Prediction As per Numerology

2020 Prediction As per Numerology

# There will be unrest across the world, mutual differences will increase.
# Economy will remain turbulent… The share market will be very fluctuating spacely in the commodity market suddenly loss suddenly gains.
# Many people’s money will be drowned and those who are unable to repay the loan will also have to go to jail or involved in litigations.
# People meeting and networking will increase in luxury rather than religion trend.
# Cheating fraud will increase confusion, crime will be very high, accidents will increase wildly, fire-related accidents happen in a big manner.
# Very strong winds will cause storms and there will be the possibility of natural outbreak and epidemic.
# The public will be disturbed due to some government’s action, and the confusion will be created by some bad aliments and that advanced taken by some leaders for vote bank.
# Heart attacks will be more, People will feel back pain and knee pain need to take care of health.
# Love marriages will be highest and there will be a huge increase in cases of divorce.
# Wicked people will get harsh punishments, the Increased number will be given to criminals, Hanged.
# The interest of youth will increase in politics, Many people will shine in politics in 20 / 20

New Year 2020 …. According to numerology, its sum comes … 2 + 2 = 4 and the number four is related to Rahu planet.

Therefore Rahu planet will be most affected by New Year.
In astrology, Rahu is a shadow planet, Shadow means lightless
Therefore, it has the defect of lightlessness, much like Shani, but also more than Shani.
Therefore, astrology has been merged in one sentence… Shanivarat Rahu…
Act like Saturn, React like Saturn, Negative like Saturn, Very Powerfull Like Saturn and is a planetary delaying planet like Saturn.
Rahu has a special quality or defect which is not in Saturn, Rahu has the power to do any events suddenly.
Saturn and Rahu are powerful as per astrology, and it is more powerful than any other planet giving wealth, honor, position and prestige, provided the horoscope is in the right position or our actions are good.
Rahu’s biggest special thing is that it lures a person first and by being elusive Rahu lures the person and then destroys them.
When Rahu punishes someone, then the biggest role in it is that of Saturn because Saturn decides what to punish, That’s why the justice of Shani is also called the Lord of justice.
Rahu sits in the horoscope of the horoscope in his state of Mahadasha gives the fruit of the lord of that sign.

If you want to avoid the ill effects of Rahu and want to be a part of its grace, then you will be surprised to know that it is very easy and most importantly the benefits that this planet can give you It is not even a matter of any other planet because it gives its fruits suddenly and instantly.
There are very easy ways to get Rahu’s grace
First of all do not do any wrong thing in any greed due to greed, Do not cheat anyone.

Secondly, Those who are poor are unable, weak, needy and are living a low standard of life or are going through a small job or business to help them as much as possible.

Thirdly swear one thing I will never use abusive words, You will be surprised to know that if Rahu harasses anyone the most, then abusing someone or doing something evil behind the back Doing is his biggest reason.

Fourth do not take money from anyone by harassing or telling falsehood and quarrel over property or court case
Like, try to avoid conflicts.

Fifth If you work somewhere or have a business of your own, then as much as your salary or income is, first ask yourself the question Do I work as much money as I would like to do more than my hard work Don’t take

Note 2020 New Year good for those who want to make a lot of progress, all their wishes are fulfilled and stay healthy, they have to change their lives from today, improve their habits and change their mindset because The achievements that you can get in this new year can be completed in your stopped work and you can get desired benefits.
Otherwise, you must have understood by now that the lord of the new year is Rahu and if you do not improve then how will the new year be for you.


Astrologer Shri Varun Singh Ji

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