Bhoomi Pujan

Bhoomi Pujan

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A customary Puja has to be performed on the land before the construction begins. It is a ritual that is even followed before starting the agricultural task on the land.



Bhoomi Pujan – Benefits, Procedure, and Puja Samagri: A customary Puja has to be performed on the land before the construction begins. It is a ritual that is even followed before starting the agricultural task on the land. The performance of the ritual is considered auspicious and hence the custom is an important one. With the help of the experts in Vedic Guruji, Bhoomi Pujan Vidhi, and Samagri can be known to the clients.


What Is Bhoomi Pujan?

Bhoomi Pujan is performed on the north-east corner of the construction site or for good agricultural yield. It is performed for Vastu Purush, Goddess Bhoomi, Pancha Boothas, and the deity of directions that removes all the bad effects in the land. It also rectifies any kind of Vastu Dosh associated with the land. 

One should grow plants on the land after choosing the land for construction. To make the land more auspicious one should keep cow or calf on the land. 

Benefits of Doing Bhoomi Pujan

  1. When you start construction work on the land, it is very important to seek the blessings of Mother Earth. It removes all the obstacles and negativity from the land.
  2. It ensures the happiness and well-being of all the members living on that land. If the land will be used for agricultural purposes, it ensures that more crops will be grown on that land.
  3. Bhoomi Pooja will make Vaastu Purush happy and grant his blessings to the worshipper.
  4. Performing this pooja will also purify the site from any kind of negative energy and protect the home from troubles. This pooja will remove all the evil effects and purify all the corners of the house.

Bhoomi Pujan Procedure

  1. Clean the site before starting the puja.
  2. At the time of puja, the worshipper should be east facing. 
  3. Ganesh Puja is done before starting.
  4. Place the deities on the platform after cleaning it.
  5. Cover the coconut with a red cloth and place it on the ground.
  6. Then, a havan is performed.
  7. The main rituals include Devi pooja, taking a Sankalpa, Shatkarma, Pran Pratishtha, and Manglik Dravya Sthapana.

Bhoomi Pujan Samagri List

1. Pasupu/Haldi                100 Grams

2. Kum Kum                        100 Grams

3. Pan Leaves                     40

4. Supari                              25

5. Agarbathi                        1 Packet

6. Sandal Powder             1 Box

7. White Towel                  1 (turkey Towel)

8. Rice                                   1 Bag (10 lbs)

9. Loose Flowers               2 Bunches

10. Kalisam                         1

11. Quarter Coins             40

12. Assorted Fruits           3 kinds X 6 Pieces each

13. Blouse Piece                1 (Red or Yellow) for Kalisam

14. Camphor                      1 Box

15. Nava Dhanya              200 grams

16. Coconuts                      4

17. Prasadam Yogurt Rice (Dhadhwojanam)

18. Milk                                1 Gallon

19. Drinking Water          2 Gallons

20. Navaratna                    1 Box

21. Pancha Loha               1 Box

22. Lemons                         8 Yellow

23. Swamy Picture           1

24. Aluminum Trays        5

25. Bricks                             10 (Get from Home Depot)

26. Napkin Roll                  1

27. Mango Leaves            10

28. Small Shovel               1 for digging Ground

29. Bed Sheets                  2 & Blue Plastic Sheet 1 (For sitting during Puja)

30. Diya/Wicks/Oil/Match Box/Steel Ghanti / Knife 1/Matches/Rice flour for Rangoli /Umbrella if it rains/Plastic glasses 5/Plastic spoons

When to Perform the Puja?

The date for performing Bhoomi Pujan is fixed using the Vaastu time which comes a maximum of twice in a month.

Who should Perform this puja?

The pooja should be done by the head of the family along with his wife. Also, this ritual of worshipping Mother Earth must be done in the presence of a priest. And it should be done on the Shubh Muhurat as told by an experienced priest.  

What Should be Avoided in Bhoomi Pujan?

Days to be avoided: One must avoid performing this pooja on Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays.

Dates to be avoided: 4th, 9th, and 14th dates are not ideal for this pooja.

 Pregnancy: Avoid beginning the construction work in case a female in the house is more than seven months pregnant.

Cost of Performing Bhoomi Pujan

You can get Bhoomi Pujan done by our experts of Vedic Guruji at just Rs2100. For any queries or booking your puja, you can contact us. Our email id is as follows: or you can also directly call us at +917838690007

Bhoomi Pujan Mantra

 Om vasundharaye vidmahe

 Bhoot adhatraya dheemahi

 Tanno bhumi prachodayat


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