What is Vedic astrology?

The destiny of a person is cosmologically molded on the basis of karma as per Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology stems from the study of nakshatras or constellations and their effect on our lives. We sometimes feel as if some supernatural power has control. And we are mere puppets who try our best to face the situations. Here, the science of Vedic Astrology performs a crucial role.

The miraculous potential of Vedic Guruji apply the science of astrology to give you an accurate probability of the upcoming events related to self –

  • Health
  • Career
  • Marriage
  • Education
  • Character,
  • Behavior, and much more…

How can Vedic astrology help you?

“The study does not stop here”, expresses the Delhi NCR Famous Astrologer Shri Varun ji. It goes further to explore the right remedies or upayas to deal with the situation as much as possible. Vedic astrology will help you to meet with your desired success. It will aid you to deal with Ill health and Legal problems also. It reveals and warns you about the sudden unfortunate event or sudden death (akaal mrityu) caused due to any dosha in your kundali.

The worldwide renowned gemologist Shri Varun ji feels that you can deal better with your financial conditions by wearing the appropriate stones like-

  • Sapphire
  • Pearl
  • Emerald
  • Catseye, etc.

Complementing protective measures as yagna, puja would further safeguard your interests. If you choose a career matching your horoscope, you are bound to succeed and experience great happiness. Also finding the right partner for your life would be essential for your home and career to flourish.

Having the knowledge beforehand can help you prepare and take the necessary step to oust the problem. And if you already are in a situation, it can help you to take actions to diminish the effect. The idea of Vidic science is to face the problems and challenges with precautionary solutions.

Astrology is not a fiction but superior knowledge. It can detect problems and help you tackle them with your best efforts with sound and experienced guidance.

What are other aspects of Vedic astrology?

Numerology is another aspect that affects you day to day life whether you are aware or not, expresses the. “Have you ever noticed, the number of the current date, the serial number on the receipt of your lunch, or the ticket that traffic police gives you, the time of your dentist appointment sometimes matches.” “Well don’t take it as a coincidence!” advised the Vedic Guruji Shri Varunji. According to him, the numbers are reflecting the direction your day is bound to go in. Not only the day, the best astrologer in Janakpuri, Shri Varunji also emphasizes, “ but it’s about understanding how the numbers affect your day to day life, shape your destiny, help you to become successful in life.”

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