Vastu shastra you should never keep these things at your home or office

Things may attract negativity in home or office

The decor of your house says a lot about Vastu shastra.

Taj mahal

It is actually a grave of Mumtaz (Shah Jahan’s wife). And things like these placed at home affect our lives seriously.

Clutter in bedroom

Clutter in the bedroom is a big no.

Paintings or statues of few animals

It creates a violent approach in the nature of the people living in the house and depicts wildness in the atmosphere as per vastu.

Broken mirror and idols

Avoid keeping broken glass, broken mirror, and broken image or statue of any God or Goddess as they invite immense amount of negative energy in your home.

Images from war

Pictures or paintings of war scenes should not be kept at home. Such pictures portray rivalry among family members.

Water fountain

Some people who like being near water, often end up installing a water fountain in their house. It means that the money and prosperity will vanish with the flow of time.

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