Kapil, Delhi

I was under a lot of tension and was a little mentally disturbed. Varun Ji read my horoscope and told me to follow a couple of things. With his remedies, I am feeling a lot better. He is always available to guide me and share his wisdom with me.

Meera, Rajasthan

I was under the influence of black magic leading to problems between my husband and me. With time the situation became worse and turned into physical fights. We decided to separate and eventually did get divorced. During this time, I consulted Varun Ji and told him my situation and that I wanted to live with my husband again. He helped and guided me to come out of the clutches of black magic. Now, I am under not under any influence of black magic and am happily living with my husband again.

Maria, Mauritius

For a long time, I had been into depression, negativity and in the company of the wrong people. I came to know about Varun Ji and his expertise in healing people. I contacted him and explained my situation. He recommended me to start meditating. He prepared an entirely customized Meditation Therapy for me. I am following it diligently and am feeling a lot better and calmer than what I used to be.

Anu, Delhi

Even after a lot of efforts put by everyone, I was unable to find a suitable partner to get married. Every time something or the other would happen to make marriage impossible for me. Varun Ji handed me a completed charged and healed Yellow Sapphire gemstone. The results were evident after a few months of wearing it. Today, I am living a happily married life and am expecting a baby soon. Since then, I have recommended him to a lot of my family members and friends.

Aishwarya, Uttar Pradesh

Varun Ji, your sessions have been a breakthrough for me. He is such a wise, compassionate and an extremely intuitive soul. I have had a few readings with him over the past couple of months, all very profound and each reading makes me feel empowered and clear on my current direction and what I can do moving forward. You are making a difference in my life! Thank you!

Mohini, Maharashtra

I was going through a bad phase of my life where I had no job and was going through depression. A friend connected me to Varun Ji. With his expert guidance and remedial help, I overcame that phase of my life. Today, I am working as a Senior Teacher in a reputed educational institute and am earning a lot more than what I had expected