vedic sound and energy healing

Vedic Sound and healing is important for all

Vedic Sound and healing is important for all

Vedic Sound and healing is important for all

Healing is a viable and demonstrated methodology that utilises vibrational sound to help decrease stress, adjust cognizance and make a profound feeling of harmony, prosperity and better wellbeing. Sound has additionally been demonstrated to be an imperative part of the mending procedure for malignancy patients experiencing chemotherapy and symptoms, particularly for relief from discomfort.

Vedic sound and energy is an interesting experience where we consolidate the recuperating impacts.

Shri Varun Singh Ji has made an extraordinary technique combining different strategies. The session will help you in heart diseases, guided contemplation that will assist you with calming the body and the psyche, tuning into yourself and enabling you to be completely present. Today, we have Beenu Ma’am who will be sharing her personal experience about the Vedic sound and energy.

How does it work?  The consonant vibrations connect with the unwinding reflex and delayed down the respiratory, cerebrum and pulse and disturb the torment reflex making a profound feeling of prosperity. When we questioned Beenu Ma’am about her experience, she mentioned she has got relief from pain. Her energy level is better than before, moreover, she has overcome weakness.

How many sessions are required?  Beenu Ma’am has taken 3-4 sessions. Her major points have been emphasised. She has experienced a different reaction in every session and each session is always been monitored closely.

How long did she experience the benefit of energy? She noticed till 2-3 days her energy level is maintained. Moreover, after the session, she feels that diseases that occur in the first level are cured.

How has she felt internally when receiving energy? She felt the frequency of energy. Shri Varun Ji explains stating that it’s all about the frequency that heals the body slowly. She also noticed an improvement in her body moments. She also had the problem of a stiff body and now after the session, she is overcoming the problem.

Shri Varun Ji mentions that during our day to day life, the ordinary recurrence of our mind waves is that of Beta. Sound apparatuses entrain the mind to move into the more profound Alpha and Theta cerebrum wave frequencies. These are the frequencies that incite profound thoughtful and quiet states, clearness of psyche and instinct.  Thus, sound is a sort of vitality prescription that makes the hallowed space where individuals can mend from stress issue, torment, depression. We conduct sessions every Sunday at Janak Puri New Delhi.