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Sun is in center of the Universal Solar System. It is a nearly with earth and sphere of hot circle fire boll, in sun internal convective motion that generates a magnetic field. Sun is important source of energy for human beings life and nature.
Friendly Sun

In universe lots of stars available but Sun is the closest to Earth. It is in center of universal solar system.
Sun is a hot ball of glowing gases. It keeps our planet warm and giving energy for living things. It gives us light to see,
Planets moving around the sun in divine orbit. The planets are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, planets rounding the sun in their own distance


The Great Sun
Sun is a normal main-sequence G2 yellow color biggest star, one of more than 99 billion stars in galaxy.
The Sun Profile
Sun History
Sun is far the largest in the universal solar system. It contains more than 99% of the total mass of the Solar System (Jupiter planet contains most of the rest).
It often said that Sun is an “ordinary” star. That is true in the senses that there are many more others similar to it. But there are many smaller stars than larger ones; Sun is in the top 10% of them in mass. The size of stars in our galaxy is probably less than half the mass of Sun.
Sun is personified in many mythologies: the some people called it Surya Narayan, Some called Helios and the some called it Sol.
Sun is at present, about 71% hydrogen and 27% helium by mass everything else (“metal”) amounts to less than 2%. This changes slowly over time as the Sun converts hydrogen to helium as per the research.
The temperature is 27 million degrees and the pressure is 248 billion atmospheres. At the center of the core the Sun density is more than 149 times that of water.
Moon and the Sun appear the same size in the sky as viewed by human from the Earth. Since the Moon universal orbits the Earth in approx the same planet as the Earth’s orbit around the Sun sometimes the Moon comes directly between the Earth and sometimes Sun. That is called a solar eclipse and lunar eclipse; if the alignment is slightly imperfect then the Moon covers only part of the Sun disks and the time event is called partial eclipses. When the lines updates perfectly the entire solar disks is blocked and it is called total eclipse of the Sun. Partial eclipses visible over a wide area of the Earth but the region from which a total eclipse is visible on that time, called the path of totality, is very narrow, Eclipses of the Sun happen ones or twice a year. If you at home, you are likely to see a partial eclipse several times per decade. But since the path of totality is so small it is very unlikely that it will cross your home. So people often travel half way around the world just like to see a total solar eclipse. To stand in the shadow of the Moon is an awesome experience people observe that. For a few precious minutes time it gets dark and dark in the middle of the day. The stars come out. The animals and birds thinks it’s time to sleep due to darkness. And you can see the solar corona eclipses or lunar eclipses. It is well worth unique major journey.
Sun magnetic field is very strong (as per standards) and very complicated. Its magnetosphere extends well beyond Pluto planet.

In addition to heat and light the Sun also produces a low density stream of charged particles (mainly electron and proton). A Solar wind and the much higher energys particles ejected by solar flares can have dramatic effects on the Earth ranging from power line surges to radio interference to the beautiful aurora borealis.

Sun satellites

Planets Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Earth, Venus, Pluto, Neptune

Sun Affects Body: Good & Bad

Sun can sometimes get a bad effects for only having negative effects on health when, in fact, it has several positive effects for our overall health. Sunshine should be enjoyed in moderation to avoid painful sunburns, heat rashs, wrinkles and skin cancer.

Positive Effects of Sun

Enhances your mind

Vedicguruji Shri Varun Singh Ji says there are many benefits from sunlight, including that it is a free mood enhancer. Day time in sunlight people feel better and have more energy, but it also increases the levels of serotonin in the brain, which is associated with improved mood.

Gemstones and their Significance in human life

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The foundational elements i.e. the fire, earth, water, space of cosmos are the same as our body. If they are balanced proportionally they keep our body healthy through UV Rays. The same elements have appeared to be found in Gemstones.

What are Gemstones?

A Ratna or gemstone is a cut-to-polished mineral ore. Gemstone is known to astrologically benefit people about planetary weakness and diverse obstacles by bestowing prosperity in their lives.

Best Gemstones are exalted for their supreme energy force and a force like that is regarded transcendental. Hence, wearer of a ratna can transform their lives positively, in terms of materialistic and spiritual growth.

Gems have the capacity to attract the special cosmic rays towards them as they are highly radioactive. Our veins are affected by planetary tremors. According to our Mythology, the positioning of planets in lunar and solar systems at the time of child’s birth exerts influence on every child throughout life.  The weak impact of planets and stars cause imbalance in the life of individual but the wearing of gems after proper astrological consideration of one’s horoscope can save mental imbalance, financial obstacles and physical suffering. By doing so, gems guard our body and act as protector.

Amongst one of the famous spiritual scripture, human body is known to be an island of nine gems. The nine gems corresponds with the dhatus i.e. the nine metal constituents with which human body is constituted.

The famous nine Gemstones which are related to human body are:

Association between Gemstones and planets.

Red Coral Stone:

The Moonga stone or red coral is extricated from the oceans and sea. The Moonga stone should be worn to subside the ill effects of planet Mars. The red coral stone should be worn if Mars is situated in the pernicious position in the horoscope of a person because it helps in combating against the evil forces which are created around the human being due to vindictive Mars.


Cat’s Eye Gemstone:

According to Hindu astrology  Cats eye gemstone is affiliated with the planet Ketu.

As per Ketu position in the horoscope of ascendant the planet Ketu has got multitudinous power to impact the life of a person in either positive or negative way. If placed in the positive houses can fulfil all the desires like bring wealth, fortune, spiritual enlightenment and success in a job or education.

Ruby Gemstone:

The red colour ruby stone is governed by the planet Sun which is known as “King of Nine Planets”. Ruby should be worn by those people who have low self-confidence and people who are suffering from bone problems. Ruby gemstone is enriched with healing properties that aids in resolving ailments such as stomach diseases, gallbladder diseases, and eye diseases.


Moon Pearl Gemstone:

The planet Moon is regarded as the lord of mind and mother, according to the astrological predictions. People with the strong moon in their birth chart can wear venenjula or basra pearl to strengthen their mind that will eventually assist them to succeed in each field of life. However, a weakly placed Moon emerges the chances of a person to get influenced by depression and gloom.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone:

The yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone is affiliated with the potent planet Jupiter. Among the assemblage of all nine planets, the planet Jupiter has been rewarded with the supreme position. The yellow sapphire gemstone holds a paramount importance in the life of girls. This stone assists a girl in finding her dream man. By using this Married women can also invite harmony, love, peace, and romance in their married life.


Emerald Gemstone:

Emerald gemstone is not affected by sunlight and is spotted from the rift of granite rocks. Emerald or Panna blesses a person with wisdom, intellect, and love in their life. Apart from this, the emerald gemstone is quite favourable stone for students since it increases their memory power and rebuilds the confidence of a person.


Blue Sapphire Gemstone:

Blue Sapphire or neelam is the gemstone of the planet Saturn. This stone should be adopted on Saturday morning while enchanting the mantras to please the lord Saturn or Shani. Those people in whose birth chart, Saturn exists at stronger positions must wear blue sapphire stone since wearing blue sapphire stone will enhance their prestige, emancipate diseases, sorrows, and invite wealth, health, the age of a person.

Hessonite Ratna:

Gomedh or Hessonite gemstone represents the vengeful planet Rahu that signifies the north node of Moon and lowers half of the snake. Wearing panna stone will aid in curing diseases related to piles, body odor.


Diamond or Heera:

The planet Venus is regarded to be the symbol of beauty and elegance. Diamond is considered as the gemstone of planet Venus. The six-dimensional diamond stone deity is Indra. It is said that wearing a defected diamond stone diminishes the physical strength of a person and invite troubles in his/her life and opal blue fire.


We as a master guide of precious gemstones know how the gemstones work and we meditate and energise the gemstone with vedic chanting and rituals on fabrable nakshatras.

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