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Well placed and good strength Jupiter or Guru Brihaspati is good to bring wisdom and supreme excellence with knowledge it gives success with the possession of all information and intellect.

As per the good placement of Jupiter or  Guru Brihaspati results in the emergence of philosophical and spiritual attitude in the individual and makes him or her highly inclined towards high spiritual growth worldwide.


Jupiter is a good fiery, good noble, good benevolent, best masculine, good expansive, good optimistic, most positive and super dignified planet. higher attributes in their nature of the mind and soul, good generosity, loving & joyful, good jubilation and good joviality along with highest reasoning’s ability and the good power of guidance of good judgments are all governed by best leader or as a representative.


Guru Lord Jupiter rules good educational interests, law & legal high matters, spiritual enlightenment in religion, best philosophy, finance and banking, good economics and indicates the extent of one’s love and longing for god religion, best scriptures, respect for elders and preceptors. Guru Jupiter is also a signification of good wealth, high progress, good philosophic nature, good conduct, good health and children’s.


Guru Jupiter day is  `Thursday’ and the colour is yellow. Jupiter is represents in astrology as ‘Karaka‘ for 2nd, 5th and 9th houses. Jupiter by nature with in red group zone and sun, mars and moon are friends by nature with Jupiter, and in another part Mercury and Venus are enemies to him as in blue group. Rahu, Ketu and Saturn adopt neutrality to him but in blue group. Jupiter exalted in the 4th house in birth chart and in the birth chart 10th house is the house of his debilitation for Jupiter.

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