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Guru Purnima: A day to admire our Gurus

Guru Purnima: A day to admire our Gurus


Guru Purnima: A day to admire our Gurus

Guru Purnima is a propitious event to pay recognition to our gurus (masters) and look for their blessings. “Guru’ is amusing in significance as ‘Gu’ signifies darkness and ‘ru’ connotes the removal of darkness. Along these lines, together they bode well and delineate guru as the person who edifies our mind, soul and expels all the darkness from our lives. This celebration is dominatingly, seen by the Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and the Buddhists on a full moon day as per Panchanga or the Hindu schedule. On Guru Purnima, the devotees worship and honour their gurus and educators, and furthermore express gratitude toward them for their knowledge and

Importance of Guru Purnima:

All living beings are just bones and flesh without an illuminated soul and mind. The Guru assimilates great characteristics and his lessons to make a person a good human being with values. So the festival of this day by respecting our guru’s gets fundamental. Just the best possible lessons and endowments of our master’s, guardians, instructors, and well-wishers can make us a refined and cultured person.

Guru Purnima is more than just spiritual aspiration

Guru is likewise comparable to ‘Tridev’ – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, and according to the Indian culture, just Guru (the profound ace) is considered as somebody who can guide the way that prompts one of these Gods. The accompanying Shloka affirms this conviction –

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheswaraha

Guru Sakshaat Parabrahma, Tasmai Sri Guruve Namah

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