June 17th, 2019: Sagittarius Full Moon with Healing Drive!

17th Jun 2019
Full moon

June 17th 2019, is announced to be the Full Moon which will shine the skies of Sagittarius. It will be a knowledge acquiring sign for Sagittarius. However, the season now seems summer, but in the technical terms of astrology, the coming Monday is actually a last full moon of the spring.

This full moon seems to shine Earth on the intellectual level. But, it won’t be wrong to say that this Full Moon has healing sparks that will motivate the people to initiate the work that will help them to achieve the ultimate goal.

What to do this Full Moon?

It is time for people to face some of their truths, because it will help you achieve the honest goal you have been dreaming of from a long time. The Sagittarius Full Moon symbolizes the run towards the finish line. It is the time to finish everything which might be pending as of now!

Such an approach is most effective in the field of sports, travel, learning and teaching.

What not to do this Full Moon?

Do not stick to your secrets or lies. This is a right time to explore the reality with the healing energy to revive your decisions and life situations.

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