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From Rudraksh to Tulsi Mala, divine grace starts showering as soon as you wear it Different types of garlands are used in worship

From Rudraksh to Tulsi Mala, divine grace starts showering as soon as you wear it Different types of garlands are used in worship,
chanting of mantras and religious rituals. People belonging to different sects and traditions wear garlands of Rudraksh and Tulsi. Let’s know its benefits
Sandalwood Chandan used for tilak of deities is cool. Sandalwood applied on the forehead in the form of prasad gives divine grace to both mind and body by providing coolness. Sandalwood rosary is specially used in mantra chanting during sadhana in Vaishnav tradition. Just like in the cultivation of Shakti with the garland of red sandalwood, there is chanting of Lord Krishna’s mantra with the garland of white sandalwood rosary. Desire of chantings of this garland is completed.
Rhinestone garland A garland of rhinestones that looks like the glass is also used especially for chanting mantras. The person holding this garland remains calm. Due to the effect of this garland, she does not have any kind of negative power. He gets success in every field. Rhinestone rosary are used in worshiping Goddess Saraswati. The garland of rhinestones provides both money and strength of mind.
Rudraksha Mala The seekers of Shaiva tradition always wear Rudraksha in their bodies to get the grace of their worship. Rudraksh is specially used for chantings mantra. It is believed that Lord Shiva is pleased very quickly by chanting the mantra with the rosary of Rudraksha. Rudraksh used exclusively in the worship of Lord Shiva is also used in chanting for other deities.
Vayjayanti garland Under the Vaishnava tradition, this garland is specially used in the practice of its presiding deity. Lord Krishna loved this garland very much. Lord Vishnu is pleased and fulfills the wishes of his devotees by chanting mantras with the garland of Vyjayanti Rosary The enemy also behaves like a friend by wearing this garland rosary.
Turmeric rosary Turmeric is used especially inauspicious works like worship in Sanatan tradition. Turmeric used in food for good health and antiseptic, Lord Shri Ganesh and Devguru Jupiter are pleased immediately after chanting with turmeric garland. Chantings For Deity Mother Baglamukhi with a garland of turmeric rosary gives them quick grace. Basil Rosary Tulsi has been considered a highly sacred plant in the Sanatan tradition. It is believed that wearing a garland of Tulsi and chanting mantras of Lord Vishnu and Krishna increases fame, fame, and prosperity.
Lotus leaf The desire for wealth and wealth in life is fulfilled only with the blessings of Mother Lakshmi. In such a situation, the worship and worship of Goddess Lakshmi should be done with complete law. The garland of the lotus leaf is used for the accomplishment of the mantras of Maa Lakshmi. By chanting the mantra of this garland, Mata Lakshmi immediately becomes happy and offers a blessing of happiness and prosperity to the seeker. Therefore, if you are financially troubled and you do not have money even after all the efforts, then wear the garland of Kamalgatta in law and chant the mantra of Maa Lakshmi with this garland.

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