Fill your life through energy by kitchen Vastu tips

Fill your life through energy by kitchen Vastu tips

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Fill your life through energy by kitchen Vastu tips

You’ve been to treatments, joined care groups, cried before your closest companion yet nothing worked. Maybe, the issue isn’t with you or your partner. Tips from Vastu expert can assist you with recharging your life by fading endlessly negative energies and getting flourishing. Indian Vastu Shastra can improve your affection life, working conditions, money related status and significantly more.

The following are the kitchen Vastu tips to attract wealth and money:

  • The kitchen ought to be built in the southeast direction of the house:

As per Vastu expert, the southeast place of the house is the best spot to make a kitchen. The master planet of the southeast course is Venus, who as indicated by the astrology as the lady of the house and is a sign of joy, wealth and prosperity.

  • Try not to gather water in the southeast direction:

As indicated by Vastu, it is extremely unsafe to gather water or to water tanks in the southeast of the house. Since the southeast area of a house is the fire zone. Gathering water in a fire zone or kitchen or utilizing exorbitant water produces Vastu surrenders in the kitchen. Because of this defect, the strength of the lady in the house is bad and there is a loss of happiness and wealth in the house.

  • Try not to utilize silver, black or blue colours in the kitchen:

These colours are the water components; so utilize these hues in the north-east direction of the house, utilizing these hues in the kitchen or in the southeast, causes loss of prosperity, wealth and happiness.

  • The kitchen shape ought to be rectangle or square:

If there is an expanded corner of the kitchen, then it will have an awful impact. So, build the kitchen so that its shape is rectangular or square, generally, because of some other shape, the expanded spot will be influenced and Vastu imperfection will be created.

Whenever you decide to build a kitchen keep the above points in your mind. For more details, you can consult our Vastu expert Shri Varun Singh Ji as a little guidance can spare you from numerous issues or death toll.



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