Emerald Panna A precious gemstone

Emerald Panna A precious gemstone with astounding astrological benefits

Emerald Panna A precious gemstone with astounding astrological benefits Emerald Panna A precious gemstone with astounding astrological benefits

Emerald Panna, commonly known as Panna, is a green-colored gemstone and is considered as a highly valuable astrological gemstone in our traditional Vedic and astrology science. It is one of the rarest and valuable gemstone found on planet earth, which makes it more exquisite and treasured stone.

Emerald gemstone Uses in astrology science
Emerald also denoted as Haridararatnag or Budh Ratna or Panna, is a precious and attractive gemstone and is counted among the top astrological gemstones in the world. Much acclaimed and commended astrologers from around the world have accepted its strength and considered it as big three gemstones just next to Ruby and Sapphire in gem astrology science.

You can also tremendously benefit from it and unlock its hidden strength by wearing it in a ring or amulet or talisman. It is widely used in gem therapy and is considered equivalent to the planet Mercury. It helps to align the movement of planet Mercury in your horoscope which can further help you achieve success and immense growth in your personal and professional life.
Color and Durability
The most popular and known emerald colors are bluish-green to pure green, with flamboyant color saturation and a tone that is not very dark. The most valuable and expensive emeralds are highly transparent. Their color is uniformly distributed throughout the body of the gemstone, with no visible color drop. If the tint is excessive yellowish or too bluish shade, the stone is mostly not emerald and accordingly its value and effect drop dramatically.
Emerald is one of the most durable precious gemstones when compared with others like Diamond. It is preferred for its longevity and durability.
Benefits of Emerald gemstone
Many eminent and certified astrological gurus claimed the benefit of wearing emerald. Wearing emerald gemstone (known as Panna in Hindi) can sharpen the intelligence level of a person. Since intelligence is the sphere of influence of planet Mercury, emerald stone can help enhance an individual’s understanding of life and various day to day activities.
The person wearing emerald approaches a situation in a more idealistic and optimistic way thus shows great intellect in daily life. They take an evenhanded stand in tough situations and bring a new wave of positivity and valor around them.
Some of the other benefits of the emerald gemstone are:
– Enhances creative and analytical bend of mind and augments the thinking ability
– Promotes the financial success of an individual
-Boost confidence and self-assurance of an individual thus promoting growth at career and professional level
– Stabilizes and improves physical and mental well being of an individual
Lastly, it helps to maintain friendship and increases your bond with your nearer and dearer ones. Thus, it offers an all-round success and growth in your life.

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