(Dec22-Jan19)- People related to this sign belong to the element Earth with Saturn as their ruling planet. They have good links with Taurus and Cancer. They are responsible, well mannered, discipline, self controlled, condescending, do not forgive easily, find a negative essence in everything. They loves family, traditions, music, qualified personalities.


(Oct 22-Nov21) – People born under this sign belong to the element Water being ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars. They are compatible with Taurus and Cancer. They are gallant, resourceful, honest, a true friend, passionate, jealous, stubborn, violent, confident, confined, secretive ,assertive, determined, decisive, great leaders.


(Sep23-Oct22) – The ruling planet of this Zodiac sign is Venus with the element Air and are much interactive with Aries and Sagittarius. They are Social, diplomatic, cooperative, fair minded with judging capabilities, gentle, gracious and non-violent. They hate confrontations and thus ignore them. They like harmony, gatherings, communication, and remaining outdoors.


(Aug23-Sep22) – They belong to the element Earth and the ruling planet is Mercury and are much comfortable with Pisces and Cancer. They are loyal, analytical, laborious, kind hearted, practical, shy, highly critical who loves work more than entertainment. They like cleanliness, animals, books natural beauty and are pure. They have deep sense of humanity.


(July23-Aug22) – They are innovative, courageous, a born leader, gentle, warm hearted, stubborn, humorous, materialistic, cheerful, arrogant, lazy, self oriented, and inflexible. Their ruling planet is Sun and have high compatibility with Gemini and Aquarius. They loves to be treated royally as if a king or a queen. They possess great attraction towards bright colours, expensive things and likes to travel. They belong to the element Fire.


(June21-July22) -The ruling planet is Moon and are compatible with Taurus and Capricorn. They belong to the element Water and likewise loves to relax near watery places such as beach, pools, etc. They are tenacious, moody, loyal, sympathetic, highly imaginative and emotional, an art lover, highly romantic and food lover, easily persuasive. They are great craze for sex but only with their committed partners. They like to remain confined within themselves and hates any kind of criticism of their mother. Also, they are not comfortable with strangers.


(May21-June20) -They belong to the element Air and loves the company of Sagittarius and Aquarius. The ruling planet is Mercury. People having this Zodiac sign are gentle, quick learner, intelligent, multi tasking, curious, loveable, sweet spoken. They loves music, reading books, magazines, chatting, anything that increases their intelligence. They are their own ruler and loves to remain surrounded by people, have craze for treats and parties.


(Mar20-May20) — They belong to the element Earth and as such they are reliable, patient, practical, durable ,romantic, stable, stubborn, uncompromising, and possessive. The ruling planet is Venus and are much compatible with Scorpio and Cancer. They are attracted towards material life and like high quality clothes. They are fond of gardening, cooking and are a music lover.


(Mar21-April19) — Personalities belonging to this Zodiac sign are highly courageous, honest, passionate, enthusiastic, optimistic, success lover, and self determined. However, they are also short tempered, moody, aggressive, and hates delay in anything. They have great cravings towards adventures, loves to face challenges and chooses to dress up comfortably suiting their mood. The ruler planet is Mars and are included in the element of fire and much compatible with Leo and Libra.


(Feb 19-Mar 20)— Belonging to the element of water, they are friendly like sugar in water and mutable as pieces (fish). They are intuitive, very emotional, compassionate, creative, generous, spiritual and romantic. Their ruling planet is Neptune which is the cause of their intense attachment towards music. Pisceans love sleeping, appreciation, swimming, and are generally soft-hearted. They are quite compatible with Taurus and Virgo.


(Jan 20-Feb 18) — Aquariuns are straight forward, quite progressive who hates hypocrisy and pretence. They love to be original having a good intellect. They loves to chill with friends, help others.  They are a great listener with lovely conversational skill. Being under the element of air, they are brimmed with enthusiasm, are temperamental and uncompromising. The rulers of the sign are Uranus and Saturn and are much compatible with Leo and Sagittarius. They are deep thinkers and easily adaptable. Sometimes, they could be shy and quiet.