Gemstone (ग्रह रत्न) : Pearl (मोती)


Original Basra Moti Pearl Gemstone

जाने माणिक पहनने के फायदे, हम लाएं हैं आपके लिए ये अनमोल रत्न

Original Basra Moti Pearl Gemstone

Moon: Natural pearl is considered as a recognized substitute that includes pearl, Moonstone, and South Sea pearl. edic astrology links the planets and other celestial objects, stars with gemstones and the gemstones are often referred to as astrological gemstones. Following are the relation between celestial objects, stars, planets, and gemstones: – The ancient people believed in the power of gemstones. They had the perception that the different gemstones that are available in nature have healing attributes and they contribute to the overall health, wealth and prosperity of the individuals who use them. The Vedic belief of Astrology describes the extensive use of gemstones. Modern astrology endorses the use of different gemstones to protect the user against any misfortune. Vedic, as well as modern astrologers, believe that the motion of celestial objects, planets contributes to the good or bad things in an individual’s life. The astrologers believe that with the proper use of gemstones, the ill-effects caused due to the planetary motions can be thwarted off. The astrologers have the notion that influential gemstones have the ability to manipulate planetary motions. Since ancient times people believe that by wearing suitable gemstones, the wearer can have good command on the planets and can achieve success in life. Gemstones Radiate Energy They Absorb The valuable gemstones depend on the energies radiated from celestial bodies, planets, and stars. The rays from the different celestial objects reflected by the gemstones affect the people who wear them. Sometimes, the gemstones affect the wearers positively and on the other hand they affect the people negatively. It is therefore important for an individual to consult an astrologer who has adequate knowledge about the use of gemstones before getting one. It is customary to study the wearer’s horoscope before wearing a gemstone carefully because a horoscope helps to understand the poses of planets and other celestial objects that might affect an individual’s fate. If the planetary positions are good then it helps in bringing good luck to an individual. However, there are instances when the planetary positions are not quite good. In the latter case, it is the astrologers who can opine on the type of gemstone that can offset the planetary arrangements. The gems that are used for astrological purposes should have certain attributes to give effective results to the users. The astrological gem needs to be spotless. They should be devoid of flaws. Astrologers are of the opinion that the different astrological precious stones must not be less than 2 carats. Astrological Gemstones चंद्र्मा का रत्न करता है बिगड़े काम पुरे चंद्र्मा का प्रभाव हर इंसान के जीवन पे सबसे ज्यादा होता है चंद्र्मा एस्ट्रोलॉजी व ज्योतिष के मुताबिक ३५% प्रभाव डालती है हर इन्सान पे, चंद्र्मा को मजबूत करने के लिये बरसा मोती एवं साउथ से मोती पर्ल सबसे उचित है, बसरा मोती, साउथ सी पर्ल, सुचा मोती BASRA ORIGINAL MOTI PEARL CALL09205434226 (VARUN JI)ASTROLGER DELHI INDIA

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