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Priyanka is an intuitive Tarot Reader, Vedic Vaastu Expert & a Transformation Coach practising various healing modalities from past more than 6 years. Tarot Reader Priyanka is known for her compassion, reliability and integrity amongst her worldwide clients. Tarot Reader Priyanka is an expert in the matters of relationships, career growth, emotional matters and day to day issues. As a vaastu expert she specializes in the land, property & factory cases. Tarot Reader Priyanka is an enthusiast with a mission to help and guide people in need. Tarot Reader Priyanka strongly believes that the occult science is a wonderful way of seeking guidance and getting a complete insight to the situation. Her more than a decade long experience and exposure with the people from different walks of life around the globe has nurtured her to handle situations and emotions of her clients with much maturity and complete professionalism. Tarot Reader Priyanka is a person with ethics and morality, who will put unabated efforts to guide you with what is good for you and for your loved ones. Tarot Reader Priyanka is an adept and insightful in her advice and guidance. “No matter how bad your situation is, there’s always hope if you have faith” Time Availability : Everyday- 10AM to 7PM Expertise : Relationship/ Land / Property/ Career

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